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aa.gamesofintro 4540
The Games of 1985 and 1986, by Jeff Hurlburt
airheart.txt 2760
REVIEW: Airheart, by Broderbund
alcazar.txt 1512
REVIEW: Alcazar: The Lost Fortress, by Activision 1478
REVIEW: Alice in Wonderland, by Windham
alter.ego 3526
REVIEW: Alter Ego, by Activision
amazon.txt 1384
REVIEW: Amazon, by Telarium
auto.duel 3582
REVIEW: Auto Duel, by Electronic Arts
ballblazer.txt 1233
REVIEW: Ballblazer, by Epyx
bard.s 1961
REVIEW: The Bard's Tale, by Electronic Arts
beast.war 1994
REVIEW: Beast War, by Avalon Hill
breakers.txt 3467
REVIEW: Breakers, by Broderbund
captain.goodnig 1515
REVIEW: Captain Goodnight, by Broderbund
cm2000.colussus 5103
REVIEW: Chessmaster 2000 and Colossus Chess IV
colonial.conque 2196
REVIEW: Colonial Conquest, by Strategic Simulations 1518
REVIEW: Countdown to Shutdown, by Activision 1437
REVIEW: The Crimson Crown, by Penguin 1686
REVIEW: Crosscountry, USA by Didatech
elite.txt 3961
REVIEW: Elite, by Firebird
f.15 1616
REVIEW: F-15 Strike Eagle, by Microprose
felony.txt 1177
REVIEW: Felony, by CBS Software
fight.night 2749
REVIEW: Fight Night, by Accolade
gemstone.warrio 1601
REVIEW: Gemstone Warrior, by SSI
ghostbusters.txt 1336
REVIEW: Ghostbusters, by Activision
gulf.strike 3334
REVIEW: Gulf Strike, by Avalon Hill
gunslinger.txt 1870
REVIEW: Gunslinger, by DataSoft
halley.project 1810
REVIEW: The Halley Project, by Mindscape
hero.txt 1371
REVIEW: H.E.R.O., by Activision
hitchhiker.s 1378
REVIEW: Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Infocom
impossible.msn 1640
REVIEW: Impossible Mission, by Epyx
lantern.of 1173
REVIEW: Lantern of D'Gamma, by Milliken
law.of 2871
REVIEW: Law of the West, by Accolade
little.c 2252
REVIEW: Little Computer People Discovery Kit, by Activision
match.wits 1323
REVIEW: Match Wits, by CBS Software
mind.pursuit 3177
REVIEW: Mind Pursuit, by DataSoft
mindwheel.txt 1333
REVIEW: Mindwheel, by Broderbund
murder.on.txt 2304
REVIEW: Murder on the Mississippi, by Activision
nato.commander.txt 1662
REVIEW: NATO Commander, by MicroProse
nine.princes.txt 2576
REVIEW: Nine Princes in Amber, by Telarium
ogre.txt 3125
REVIEW: Ogre, by Electronic Arts
paper.airplane.txt 2259
REVIEW: The Great International Paper Airplane Construction Kit, by Simon and Schuster
paul.whitehead.txt 2969
REVIEW: Paul Whitehead Teaches Class, by Enlightment
perry.mason.txt 2830
REVIEW: Perry Mason, by Telarium
phantasie.txt 1721
REVIEW: Phantasie, by SSI
pitfall.ii.txt 1578
REVIEW: Pitfall II, by Activision 1515
REVIEW: The Railroad Works, by CBS Software
resc.fractalus.txt 1398
REVIEW: Rescue on Fractalus, by Epyx 1420
REVIEW: Ring Quest, by Penguin
rings.of.txt 3325
REVIEW: The Rings of Zilfin, by Strategic Simulations
road.rally.txt 2300
REVIEW: Road Rally U.S>A. by Bantam Software
shadowkeep.txt 1704
REVIEW: Shadowkeep, by Telarium
shard.spring.txt 3868
REVIEW: Shard of Spring, by Strategic Simulations
space.shuttle.txt 1324
REVIEW: Space Shuttle, by Activision
spellbreaker.txt 3101
REVIEW: Spellbreaker, by Infocom
supr.bldr.txt 2964
REVIEW: Super BoulderDash, by Electronic Arts
sword.of.txt 1581
REVIEW: Sword of Kadash, by Penguin
tass.times.txt 2301
REVIEW: Tass Times in Tonetown, by Activision
the.eidolon.txt 3250
REVIEW: The Eidolon, by Epyx
the.other.txt 1759
REVIEW: The Other Side, by Tom Snyder Productions
tracer.sanction.txt 1352
REVIEW: Tracer Sanction, by Activision
ultima4.txt 2304
REVIEW: Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatas, by Electronic Arts 1632
REVIEW: Under Fire, by Avalon Hill
war.or.txt 3338
REVIEW: War or Peace? You decide! by Bright Ideas
werewolf.txt 1451
REVIEW: Werewolf, by Gambit
willy.byte.txt 1456
REVIEW: Willy Byte in the Digital Dimension, by Data Trek 1572
REVIEW: Winter Games, by Epyx
wishbringer.txt 1572
REVIEW: Wishbringer, by Infocom 3860
REVIEW: Wizard's Crown, by Strategic Simulations 1671
REVIEW: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, by Broderbund

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