2400 A.D.5120ControllerIssue 54, page 4, issue 53, page 4, and issue 56, page 19
2400 A.D.5313ControllerSoftkey for "Ogre" in issue #46, page 11
2400 A.D.5629-30Bit Copy/Nibble EditAny soft/hardware that can change address prologues
2400 A.D.(Bug)5619ControllerSoftkey for same in issue #51, page 20
40' Graphics Studio (IIgs)5630Sector Edit
4TH & Inches6410Sector Edit
816/Paint (IIgs)4821Sector Edit
A. E.3911Hex Dump
A. I.5836Disk Copy/File Delete
A2-PB1 Night Mission Pinball2213-14Bootcode Trace
A2-PB1 Night Mission Pinball274-5Binary PatchLetter about "A2-PB1" in issue #24, page 5
A2-PB1 Night Mission Pinball5420-21Bootcode Trace
AC Circuit Analysis4612RWTS
Accolade Comics5637Sector Edit
Ace Programmer6022Sector Edit"Mindplay Software" softkey, issue #52, page 17
Ace Reporter6419Sector Edit
AceCalc167-8ControllerUse "Artsci software" in same issue & page
Activision software5016Sector Edits
Activision's 3.5" disks (IIgs)4915Sector Edit
Addition Logician4834Controller
Addition Logician4921Controller
Address Book4214-15Controller
Advanced Blackjack217Controller
Advanced Microsystems Technology pgrms.4612RWTS
Adventure (Colossal Cave)(for beginners)6330-31DOS Patch/File Copy
Adventure Construction Set2412Sector Edit
Adventure Construction Set329Sector Edit
Adventure Writer4011Binary Patch
Adventure Writer417-8Binary Patch
Adventures of Sinbad (IIgs)6112Sector Edit
Aesop's Fables (IIgs)5617Sector Edit
Aesop's Fables (IIgs)6022Sector Edit
Age of Adventure4729Sector Edit
Age of Adventure5313Sector Edit
Agent U.S.A.4518Bin/DOSpatch+Hex DumpArticle in issue #19, page 18 "Towards a Better F8 ROM"
Airheart454Bit Copy
Airheart6337Bit CopyLocksmith 6.0 and EDD v3
Akalabeth, World of Doom (2 Methods)HCv1#116-17File Copy/Basic pgrmUse transfer program or Demuffin
Alcazar: The Forgotten Fortress424Sector Edit
Alge-Blaster6217-18Sector Edit
Algeblaster6422Bit CopyCopy II+
Algebra Series287Disk Copy
Algebra Volume 3 & 46329-30RWTS
Alibi86-7RWTSDemuffin Plus
Alice in Wonderland297RWTS
Alice in Wonderland335Add DOS
Alice in Wonderland358Controller
Alien Addition137-8ControllerUse controller "DLM software.13" in same issue & page
Alien Mind649Bit Copy
Alien Munchies157Hex Dump
Aliens5023Sector Edits
Aliens5037Sector Edits
Aliens5137Sector Edits
All About America (IIgs)6227Sector Edits
Alligator Mix137-8ControllerUse controller "DLM software.13" in same issue & page
Alphabet Circus305-6Controller
Alphabet Circus4411Sector Edit
Alphabet Express v2.1.5 19856424-25DOS Patch
Alphabet Sequencing5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Alphabet Zoo194Sector Edit
Alphabet Zoo248ControllerIssue 29, page 9
Alphabet Zoo5116DOS PokeIssue 29, page 9Controller for same in issue #24, page 8
Alphabetic Keyboarding2823Controller
Alter Ego377Sector Edit
Alter Ego5023Sector Edits
Alternate Reality3819RWTS
Alternate Reality4732RWTSIssue 52, page 4 and issue 49, page 4Softkey for same in issue #38, page 19
Alternate Reality--The Dungeon508Controller+Sector Edit
Amazing Reading Machines5023-24Controller+Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Amazon3926-27Sctr.Edit+Pgrm Listing
Amazon5022DOS PatchSenior Prom
American Challenge, The336Sector Edit
American Challenge, The408-9Cntrlr + Sector Edit
American Challenge, The5011Controller
American Challenge, The5039Sector Edits
American Challenge, The5411-12Controller
American Challenge, The5728Copya Patch/Sctr Edit
American People568RWTS
Amnesia4831Sector Edit
Amnesia5126Sector Edit
Amper-Magic528-29File Copy
Animal Alphabets and Other Things5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Animal Hotel5610Sector Edit
Animate4920Sector Edit
Animate5425-26Cntrlr+Bin.File Patch
Animate (Fix)5635Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #49, page 20
Anova II 1.1197Cntrlr + Sector Edit
APBA Major League Player's Baseball5917Sector Edit
Apple Adventure1611Binary Patch+File CopyIIc or IIe with extended 80col card
Apple Business Graphics486-7DOS Patch+Sector Edit
Apple Cider Spider924-25Sector Edit
Apple GEOS v2.06026Sector Edit
Apple Gradebook 2.65215-16Cntrlr+Basic Pgrm Mod.
Apple Logo87/15Bitcopy+Sector EditCopy II+ or Locksmith
Apple Logo (Update) "More on Logo"104Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #8, page 7
Apple Logo II278-9Cntrlr + Sector EditIssue 31, page 6
Apple Logo II3413Binary File Patches
Apple Presents CTW Series (Partial)6116-17Controller"Alphabetic Keyboarding" softkey, issue #28, page 23
Apple Writer IIe1812-14Sector Edit
Apple Writer IIe216Copya Patch
Apple Writer IIe5628-29Binary File Patch
Apple Writer IIe (Update)219Binary PatchSoftkey for same in issue #18, page 12
Apple's Core Part II (The Seed)5313Track CopyCopyb program and non-maskable interupt
Applecillin II247Sector Edit
AppleguardHCU3.32Binary Ptch/File Copy
Applesoft Pgrms via Open-Heart Surgery MethodHCv1#127/36DOS+Binary Patches
Applesoft Programs, Fast & Nifty MethodHCv1#126File CopyDeMuffin, page 28 and Map Move program on page 29
Apventure to Atlantis289Sector Edit
Arcade Album #15012Controller+Sector Edit
Arcade Album #15633RWTS
Arcade Boot Camp134Copya or File Copy
Arcade Boot Camp384DOS Patch
Arcade Boot Camp4419Controller
Arcade Boot Camp4925RWTSLocksmith 6.0
Arcade Boot Camp537-8ControllerCustomized F8 ROM or RAMcard
Arcade Machine109-10Cntrlr+Hexdump+Hello
ARCHIVEmath6135-36DOS Ptch + File Copy
Archon2110-11Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Archon (Update)(If...Bad Luck...)285Sector EditInput "If it weren't..." & softkey for same in #21/pg 10
Archon II: Adept2411-12Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Arctic Antics5535-36Sector Edit
Arctic Antics5625DOS Patch+Sector Edit
Arctic Antics6022-23Copya Mod./Sector Edit
Arctic Fox4729Sector Edit
Arctic Fox4831Sector Edit
Arctic Fox4836Sector Edit
Arctic Fox4916Sector Edit
Arctic Fox4933Sector Edit
Arctic Fox5314-15Sector Edit
Arctic Fox5717Sector Edit
Arctic Fox5722Controller
Arithmetic Critters5023-24Controller+Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Artist, The812-13Binary Patch
Artsci programs, (Deprotecting...)167-8ControllerUse "Artsci software" controller in same issue & page
Assembly Language Tutor379RWTSDemuffin Plus
AutoDuel3628Cntrlr+Sector EditIssue 48, page 33
AutoDuel (Fix)4833Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #36, page 28
AutoDuel (Partial)356Hello Pgrm+File PatchUse "Ultima IV" controller from issue #28, page 10
Avalon Hill games379RWTSDemuffin Plus
Award Maker5010Sector EditSoftkeys in issues #32, page 14 and #37, page 14
Award Maker Plus4827-28File Copy
Award Maker Plus5232Sector Edit
Axis Assassin4212Sector Edit
Aztec5312Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Back to Basics Accounting196-7Sector Edit
Bag of Tricks38-9Bin.File Capture+CopyIssue 4, page 32
Bag of Tricks514-15File Copy+Basic HelloIssue 45, page 6Softkey for same in issue #3, page 8
Bag of Tricks (Fix)57Hello Program PatchSoftkey for same in issues #3/pg 8 and #5/pg 14
Bag of Tricks (Partial)5137Binary PatchSoftkey for same in issue #3, page 8
Balance of Power649Sector Edit/File CopyProDOS Machine Language Interface, RAM Card, Copy II+
Ballblazer5327Sector Edit
Ballblazer (Fix)5620Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #53, page 27
Baltic 19851827-29Basic Pgrm+Hex Dump
Bank Street Music Writer5413Copya Patch+Sctr Edit
Bank Street Speller2524-25Machine Code
Bank Street Writer1013/22Binary Patch+Hex DumpIssue 11, page 7
Bank Street Writer189-11Controller
Bank Street Writer245Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #18, page 9
Bank Street Writer448Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #25, page 26
Bank Street Writer (128K)2526-27RWTS+DOSpatch+SctreditUse both controllers in softkey
Bank Street Writer (Update)395Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #25, page 26
Bank Street Writer IIc (Protected Copy)6236Bit CopyLocksmith
Bank Street Writer III4736Sector Edit
Banner Catch4727Sector Edit
Bard's Tale3011Sector Edit
Bard's Tale (IIgs)5319Sector Edit
Bard's Tale (IIgs) (Fix)5323Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #50, page 23
Bard's Tale (Update)366Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #30, page 11
Bard's Tale I5116Sector Edits
Bard's Tale II4833Sector Edit
Bard's Tale II4839Controller
Bard's Tale II5037Sector Edits
Bard's Tale II5115Sector Edits
Bard's Tale II (IIgs)5023Sector Edit
Bard's Tale II (IIgs)5616-17Binary File Patch
Bard's Tale II (IIgs)6326Sector Edit
Bard's Tale II (IIgs)647Sector Edit
Bard's Tale II: Destiny Knight4929Sector Edit
Bard's Tale II: Destiny Knight5631Sector Edit
Bard's Tale II: Destiny Knight5715-16Sector Edit
Baron254Hello Pgrm+File Copy
Barron's Computer SAT2513Controller
Baseball Database509ControllerSoftkey for side B of Sword of Kadash issue #27/pg 16-17
Basic Building Blocks167Sector Edit
Basic Electricity4612RWTS
Batalla de Palabras2627ControllerIssue 29, page 9
Battle Cruiser5135Copya Patch
Battle Group385Sector EditUse softkey for "SSI's RDOS" in issue #30, page 24
Battle of Antietam385Sector EditUse softkey for "SSI's RDOS" in issue #30, page 24
Baudville software3214-15Controller
BC's Quest for Tires258Hello+File Copy+Hxdmp
BC's Quest for Tires5016Sector Edits
BC's Quest for Tires6311Sector Edit
Beach Head427Controller
Beach Head II5133Sector Edit
Beast War346RWTS
Beer Run176-7Hex Dump
Below the Root5120Sector Edit
Below the Root6228File Copy/Hello Pgrm
Better Working Word Processor4831-32Sector Edit
Better Working WP + Spelling Checker5916File CopyDeMuffin Plus
Better Working: Spreadsheet597-8File Copy
Beyond Castle Wolfenstein2128Bit CopyCopy II Plus 4.4
Beyond Castle Wolfenstein4838Controller
Beyond Castle Wolfenstein (Beneath...)1312RWTSIssue 15, page 5Use "Beyond Wolf" on SIOB or cntrlr in issue #15, pg 5
Beyond Castle Wolfenstein (Fix)1619RWTS
Beyond Pinball5928DOS Patch + File Copy
Bill Budge's Trilogy513File Copy+Binary Patch
Black Cauldron, The364Sector Edit
Black Cauldron, The4412Sector Edit
Black Cauldron, The5219Sector Edit
Black Magic4831DOS Patch
Black Magic5126Sector EditSenior Prom 3.0
Black Magic5233-34Cntrlr+Sector Edit
Blazing Paddles3123Sector Edit
Blazing Paddles354Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #31, page 23
Blue Powder Grey Smoke537-8ControllerCustomized F8 ROM or RAMcard
Boars Tell Time, The5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Boars' Store, The5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Body Awareness5115Sector Edits
Bookends278Sector Edit
Bookends Extended4831Sector Edit
Boot Code Tracing (Softkey #4)HCv1#337/53Bootcode TraceApple Galaxian program and a way into the monitor
Boot Code Tracing RevisitedHCU3.16-8/15Bootcode TraceMulti-Disk Catalog program and way into the monitor
Bop 'N' Wrestle4837Sector Edit
Bop 'N' Wrestle5017Sector EditsSoftkey for "Infiltrator" in issue #47, page 25
Bop 'N' Wrestle5039RWTSWrite your own controller
Borrowed Time3924-25Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Boulder Dash Construction Set5717-20DOS Patch/Sector Edit
Boulder Dash Construction Set588DOS Patch/Sector Edit
Boulder Dash Construction Set5910Sector Edit
Boulder Dash I & II3824-25Sector Edit
Boulder Dash I & II5836Sector Edit
BPI Accounting programs187Sector Edit+File Copy
Break the Bank Blackjack4610RWTS
Bridge (PFS)3224Binary Patch
Bridge 4.05137Copya+Sector EditsSoftkey for "Compubridge" in issue #44, page 26
Bridge Baron3910-11ControllerUse cntrlr for "Ultima IV" on SIOB disk, issue #28,pg 10
Broadsides v2.06123Copya Ptch/Sector Edit
Brute Force Sector by Sector CopyingHCv1#23-4Cntrlr+IOB ProgramNibbler program and basic program & controllers shown
Building Better Sentences314Copya Patch
Buzzard Bait (Partial-No Sound)530Btcode Trce+Bin.Patch
CAI prgms (Under "Some notes on...")6116Binary or Sector Edit
Calculus Toolkit, The6133Binary File Patches
Calendar5928-29Disk + Bit Copy
Calendar Crafter (IIgs)5927Sector Edit
Calendar Crafter (IIgs)628Sector Edit
Calendar Crafter (IIgs) ("Protected" Backup)627Bit Copy
California Games5216Sector Edit
California Games5218-19Sector Edit
California Games5317Sector Edit
California Games5322Sector Edit
California Games5716-17Sector Edit
California Games5910Sector Edit
California Games (IIgs)6437Sector Edit
Cannonball Blitz124Sector Edit
Cannonball Blitz924-25Sector Edit
Cannonball Blitz2610-11Basic Pgrm+Hex Dump
Cannonball Blitz6121-22Copya Alt./Sector Edit
Canyon Climber108File Copy
Capturing protected DOS712-13RWTSInteger card and FID
Car Builder5215Binary Patch+Sctr EditIssue 56, page 4 and issue 54, page 4
Car Builder6322Copya Ptch/Sector Edit
Career Focus5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Carriers at War5132DOS Conversion
Casino43Sector EditUse softkey for "Zork I" in issue #1, page 5
Castle WolfensteinHCU3.19Cntrlr or File CopyIOB program in HCv1#3 and/or Muffin
Castle Wolfenstein3912Controller
Castle Wolfenstein449RWTSCU3.2, page 15Use "Controller Writer" to create this controller
Castle Wolfenstein5519RWTS & Controller
Castle Wolfenstein (Update)456Muffin Ptch+Sctr EditIssue #50, page 15, column 3 at Core Apple Logo
Cat'N Mouse4932Controller
Cat'N Mouse5621Disk Copy/Sector Edit
Catalyst 2.0 & 3.04326-27Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Catalyst 3.04410-11Binary Patch+Hex Dump
Catalyst 3.0 (3.5")6120-21Binary Patches
Catalyst 3.0 3.5" (IIgs) (Partial)5117Binary PatchSoftkey for same in issue #44, page 10-11
Caverns of Freitag66-7File Copy
Cdex Training programs439RWTS
Centipede5134Sector Edit + Copya
Certificate Maker396Sector Edit
Certificate Maker4324Sector Edit
Certificate Maker (IIgs)629Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #43, page 24
Championship Baseball5927Sector Edit
Championship Boxing5040Sector Edits
Championship Boxing5133Copya Patch+Sctr Edit
Championship Golf4740RWTS + Basic Patch
Championship Loderunner387Hex DumpSoftkey for same in issue #22, pg 11. Senior or mod ROM
Championship Loderunner with Editor425Sector CopySoftkey for "Lode Runner" in issue #22, page 11
Championship Wrestling5036Sector Edits
Championship Wrestling5133Copya Patch+Sctr Edit
Championship Wrestling538-9Controller
Championship Wrestling5716-17Sector Edit
Championship Wrestling (Take Grind Out)5626Controller+Sector Edit
Charlie Brown's 1,2,3's4715-17RWTS + Hello Patch
Charlie Brown's 1,2,3's5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Charlie Brown's 1,2,3's5621DOS Patch+Sector Edit
Charlie Brown's ABC's178RWTS
Charlie Brown's ABC's558DOS Patch
Charlie Brown's ABC's5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Checkers 2.12912-13Cntrlr+Patch+Sctr CopyDiskedit program
Chess 7.03524-25ControllerController for "Masquerade" in same issue & page
Chess 7.04822-23Binary Patch+Sctr Edit
Chessmaster 20005133Copya Patch+Sctr EditIssue 53, page 4
Chessmaster 2000 (Fix RAMcard check)4835-36RWTS
Chief of Detectives/Drawing Conclusions5726Copya Alt/File Copy
Choplifter2310-12Hex Dumps (Lots)
City Country Opposites5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Clip Art Collection Vol.15927Copya Alt.
Clock Works5023-24Controller+Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Club Backgammon (IIgs)6228Sector Edits
Cobra Cavern (IIgs)5616Sector Edit
Codes and Cyphers424DOS Patch
Cofa Courseware (Needs COFACOPY Basic prgm)6119-20Disk Copy/Catalog MoveIssue #62, page has listing of the missing Basic programSREAD/SWRITE, issue #24 and
Basic program COFACOPY
College Entrance Exam Prep.218-9Bit Copy+Binary Patch
Colonial Conquest537-8ControllerCustomized F8 ROM or RAMcard
Color Me3611Sector Edit
Color Me5631DOS Patch+Sector Edit
Color Print Shop5232Sector Edit
Combining the Elements5130-32File Copy + Hello Pgrm
Commando5036Sector Edits
Commando5133Copya Patch+Sctr Edit
Comprehension Skills I & II5331RWTSSoftkey for "Reading Style Invty" issue #53, page 31
Compu-Bridge4426-27Sector Edit+DOS Patch
Computer Ambush5228Binary PatchesSoftkey for SSI's RDOS to PDOS issue #52 pages 24-28
Computer Prep. for SAT 3.1E5014RWTS
Computer Prep. for the SAT3912Sector Edit
Computer Prep: SAT146-7Controller
Conan347-8Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Concepts in Science5217Sector Edit
Conflict in Vietnam5011Sector Edit
Conquering Whole Numbers5323-24Sector Edit
Controlling the I.O.B. (Softkey #3)HCv1#336-37/53ControllerNibbler program
Coordinate Math5324Sector Edit
Copy II Plus 4.4C399Bin.Patch+Hex Dump
COPYA copying135DOS Patch + Disk Copy
Copying and Retaining the Protection712-13RWTSInteger card and FID
Cosmic Combat98/31RWTS
Countdown to Shutdown455Sector Edit
Countdown to Shutdown5322Sector Edit
Counting Critters4834RWTS
Counting Critters4921-22RWTSAdvanced Demuffin Plus
Counting Critters5023-24Cntrlr + Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Cours Et Gagne v1.0598RWTS + File Copy
Coveted Mirror4211RWTS + Basic Pgrm
Coveted Mirror4424Controller
Coveted Mirror5434DOS Patch
Coveted Mirror5524Sector Edit
Cracking on the IIe with Auxilliary Mem.5816Binary File CaptureApple IIe with Extended 80col card
Cranston Manor407RWTS + ControllerDos 3.2 RWTS in a binary file
Crazy Mazey347Sector Edit
Create with Garfield447Copya Ptch/Sector Edit
Create with Garfield5417DOS Patch & File Copy
Create with Garfield6317DOS PatchAltered DOS 3.3 disk from article before this softkey
Create With Garfield "Some notes on Garfield"6117Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #44, page 7
Create with Garfield (Partial)558Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #44, page 7
Create with Garfield (Partial)5636DOS Patch/File CopyUtility to format track $23
Create with Garfield Deluxe Version5513-14Sectr Edit or Bin Ptch
Creating the Constitution6034Copya Mod./Sector Edit
Creative Contraptions5130DOS Patch + Sectr Edit
Crime Stopper457-8Controller
Crime Wave409Btcode Trace+Hex Dump
Crimson Crown4425-26Sector Edit
Crisis Mountain3122Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Crisis Mountain3410-11Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Crisis Mountain395Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #34, page 10
Crisis Mountain5016Sector Edits
Crisis Mountain (Partial)5135-36Non-Working ProblemSoftkey for same in issue #50, page 16
Critical Reading367RWTS+Hello+Sector EditDemuffin Plus
Cross Clues6115-16RWTS + File CopySenior PROM or way into monitor + file utilities pgrm
Crossbow649File Rename
Crossfire168Sector Edit
Crossword Magic 3.01725-28Hex Dump + DOS PatchIssue 20, page 14
Crossword Magic 4.06434-35Controller/Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #60, page 7
Crossword Magic 4.0 (Partial)607Controller"Sword of Kadash" controller, issue #27, page 16-17
Crosswords167-8ControllerUse "Artsci software" controller in same issue & page
Crown of Arthain4214Sector Edit
Crush, Crumble, & Chomp75File CopyReplay II card and "Softmove" program on Replay disk
Crypt of Medea5532Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Crystal Caverns318-9File CopyMuffin
Cubit3212-13Binary + DOS Patches
Customized Alphabet Drill5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Customized Flash Spelling5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Cut and Paste1326ControllerUse "Electronic Arts" controller in same issue & page
Cyclod3814-15Bootcd Trace+Hex Dump
Daisy Professional5430-33File Copy/Sector Edit
Dam Busters, The405Sector Edit
Dam Busters, The4723-24Controller
Dam Busters, The4920Sector Edit
Dam Busters, The5415Controller
Dark Crystal58Sector Edit
Dark Crystal379Sector Edit
Dark Tower, The6022Copya Mod./Sector Edit
Data Factory 5.0814-15File CopyDemuffin Plus
Data Reporter 2.014Binary File Patch
Dataquest: Fifty States5023-24Controller+Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Dataquest: Presidents Data Base6414RWTSDeMuffin Plus
Dave Winfield's Batter Up!297-8Sector Edit
Dave Winfield's Batter Up!5630DOS Patch+Sector Edit
Dawn Patrol429-30Controller
Dazzle Draw205-6Bit CopyEDD III
Dazzle Draw2124-28Btcode Trace+Hex Dump
Dazzle Draw5911-12Cntrlr/SctrEdit/HexDmp
Dazzle Draw (IIc Update)266Binary PatchesSoftkey for same in issue #21, page 24
Dazzle Draw IIc (with 3.5 ROM)6219Btcode Trace/Hex DumpSoftkey for same in issue #21, page 24-28
DB Master76Copya Mod+Sector Edit
DB Master 4108Bit CopyEDD III or Locksmith 5.0
DB Master 4134Bit CopyLocksmith 5.0 and EDD III
DB Master 4 Plus2115Cntrlr+Sector EditIssue 23, page 6
DB Master 4 Plus2512Cntrlr + Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #21, page 15
DB Master 4.0115Bit CopyNibbles Away II
DB Master 4.22510-11ControllerController "DB Master 4 Plus" in issue #21, page 15
DB Master Business Writer2510-11ControllerUse "Stoneware" controller in same issue & page
Deadline15Sector Edit
Deadline639Copya alt/Sector Edit
Death in the Caribbean239RWTS
Death in the Caribbean (Update)315Volumn # ChangeSoftkey for same in issue #23, page 9
Death Sword5837Sector Edit
Death Sword6031Copya Mod./Sector Edit
Death Sword6013-14Controller/Bin.Patch
Death Sword6119Copya Alt./Sector Edit"Arctic Antics" softkey in issue #56, page 25
Deathlord6211-12RWTS/Hxdmp/Basic Pgrm
Deathlord (Player Scenario disks)6211-12Controller
Decimals 3.04215Controller
Decisions Decisions6228File Copy/Hello Pgrm
Deep Space5717DOS Patch/Sector Edit
Defender (Single binary file)135File Copy
Defender of the Crown (IIgs)6111-12Sector Edit
Delta Drawing305Sector EditUse softkey for "Story Maker" in issue #22, page 4
Deluxe Paint (IIgs)4821Sector Edit
Deluxe Paint II (IIgs)5019Sector Edit
Demolition Division137-8ControllerUse controller "DLM software.13" in same issue & page
Deprotection Tips for Beginners3716-17Bootcode Tracing
Design Your Own Home: Architecture587ControllerOr use softkey for "Troll Micro Crswre" in #53, page 22-3
Design Your Own Home: Interior587ControllerOr use softkey for "Troll Micro Crswre" in #53, page 22-3
Design Your Own Home: Landscape587ControllerOr use softkey for "Troll Micro Crswre" in #53, page 22-3
Designer's Pencil407Sector Edit
Designware prgms (column 2, 1st para.)6116Sector Edit"Storymaker" softkey, issue #22, page 4
Designware programs187-8Sector Edit
Destroyer4837Sector Edit
Destroyer4918Sector Edit
Destroyer (IIgs)5423Sector EditIssue 56, page 18
Destroyer (IIgs) (Bug)5618Sector Edit
Development Learning Materials programs137-8ControllerUse controller "DLM software.13" in same issue & page
Dic*Tion*Ary, The924-25Sector Edit
Dig Dug557Hello Pgrm/Hex DumpArticle "Utility...pages of Memory" issue #55, page 8-9
Dig Dug (Single binary file)135File Copy
Digital Paintbrush System5533-34Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Dine System, The255DOS Patch
Dino Eggs237Controller
Dino Eggs5016Sector Edits
Dinosaur Dig256RWTS or DOS Patch
Dinosaur Dig4723Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Dinosaurs6423-24Sector Edit
Direct Current4612RWTS
Discovery!397Sector Edit
Disk Director2825Cntrlr or DOS Patch
Disk Optimizer II5614-15Binary File Capture
Dive Bomber6427Copya Alt./Sector Edit
DLM software (Development Learning Materials)259Controller
Dollars & Sense355Sector Edit
Dollars & Sense4210Sector Edit
Dollars & Sense III.12194Sector EditCopy II Plus 4.4C
Dollars & Sense III.14194Sector EditLocksmith 5.0 Rev. Level F
Dome Bookkeeping6034Copya Modification
Dome Simplified Bookkeeping System5736Controller with Mod.Article "Modify SIOB to R/W...Track", issue #53, page 7
Donald Duck's Playground398Sector Edit
Dondra6136Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Donkey Kong66Sector Edit
Donkey Kong548Sector Edit
DOS 3.2 (13 Sector) DisksHCv1#229File Copy/DOS PatchesYour favorite Nibbler program and Muffin13 program
DOS 3.3 (16 Sector) DisksHCv1#229-30File Copy/DOS PatchesYour favorite Nibbler program and Muffin16 program
Dr. Ruth's Computer Game of Good Sex4923RWTSDemuffin Plus + read "Avalon Hill Games" issue #37/pg 9
Dr. Ruth's Computer Game of Good Sex5729-30RWTS
Dragonfire4215Sector Edit
Dragonworld5632Binary File Patch
Draw Plus (IIgs)5023Sector Edit
Draw Plus (IIgs) (Update)5021Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #49, page 15
Draw Plus V1.0 (IIgs)4915-16Sector Edit
Dream House5326File Copy
Dream Zone (IIgs)5320Sector Edit
E-Z Draw2320DOS Patch
E-Z Learner344Add Basic Program
E-Z Learner408File Copy
Early Games for Children198RWTS
Early Games for Young Children3226RWTS
Earth Orbit Station5312Sector Edit
Earth Orbit Station5322Sector Edit
Earth Orbit Station5336-37Controller
Earth Orbit Station5727Sector Edit
Earthly Delights318Sector Edit
Easy as ABC308-9RWTSController "Easy as ABC" in same issue & page
Easy Graph6210Sector Edit
Echo 1.04919Hex Dump
Echo Plus3914-15Bootcd Trace+Hex Dump
EDD I (Essential Data Duplicator I)824-26Hex Dump
EDD III (Essential Data Duplicator III)107-8PatchSoftkey for "EDD I" in issue #8, page 24
EDD III (Essential Data Duplicator III)284Binary Patch+Hex Dump
EDD III (Essential Data Duplicator III)6012-13Bootcode Trace
EDD III (Update)315-6Binary Patches"Quicker Aux" #25, pg 6 and "EDD Syndrome" #28, pg 4
EDD IV (Essential Data Duplicator IV)4916-18Btcode Trace+Hex Dump
EDD IV (Fix to run on IIgs)619Binary PatchSoftkey for same in issue #49, pages 16-18
Egbert II Communications Disk516-19Bootcd Trace+File CopyIssue 7, page 30 (3 Bugs)Muffin
Egbert II Communications Disk (Update)74Binary PatchSoftkey for same in issue #5, page 16
Eidolon3322Sector Edit
Eidolon5038-39Sector Edit
Einstein Compiler405Sector Edit
Einstein Compiler5120Sector Edit
Einstein Compiler 5.3116-7Sector Edit
Electronic Arts (Deprotecting...)1326ControllerUse "Electronic Arts" controller in same issue & page
Electronic Arts RWTS (How to use...)5327-28Sector Edit+Pgrm Input
Electronic Arts software2410-12Sector Edit
Electronic Arts software5628Sector Edit
Electric Crayon ABC's5025Binary File Patch
Electric Crayon Series5127File CopyCopy II+ (Softkey under Normalizing Polarware's...")
Electronic Devices4612RWTS
Elementary Math6228File Copy/Hello Pgrm
Elementary Social Studies Vol.36414-15RWTS
Elementary Social Studies Vol.66415RWTS
Elite4325File Copy
Elite5220-22File Copy
Empire I4738-39RWTS
Empire I & II (Partial)5232RWTSSoftkey for same in issue #47, page 38
Empire II4739DOS Patch+Sector Edit
En Vacances5614DOS or Binary Patches
En Ville5614DOS or Binary Patches
En Ville5629Sector Edit
Enchanter639Copya alt/Sector Edit
Encyclopaedia Britannica programs409Controller
Epyx New Releases & pgrms w/Prolok648Bit CopyEDD v4.0 or later
Equation Math5323-24Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Escape from Rungistan156File Copy+Sector Edit
European Nations and Locations5219Sector Edit
Evelyn Wood's Dynamic Reader298Add Basic Program
Everybody's Planner5917Disk Copy
Expedition Amazon5012Cntrlr + Sector EditController for "Sword Of Kadash" in issue #27, page 16-17
Expedition Amazon5434DOS Patch/File Copy
Extended Bookends337Sector Edit
F-15 Strike Eagle2419Controller
F-15 Strike Eagle304Controller
F-15 Strike Eagle304-5Sector Edit
F-15 Strike Eagle3514-15Cntrlr + Sector Edit
F-15 Strike Eagle387Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #24, page 19
F-15 Strike Eagle (Partial)314-5Bin.Patch+Sector Edit
F-15 Strike Eagle (Under "Dan Halfwit", last para.)6036Disk + Bit Copy
Facemaker114Bit CopyCopy II +
Facemaker5040Change Basic Pgrm
Facemaker587DOS Patch + Copya"Kids on Keys" softkey in issue #54, page 35-36
Facemaker6419Sector Edit
Factory, The3010RWTS
Factory, The5737Controller
Fahrenheit 451345-6Copya+Binary Patches
Fahrenheit 4513610Binary Patch
Fantavision3024-25Btcode Trace+Sctr Edit
Fantavision455ControllerSoftkey for same in issue #30, page 24
Fantavision (IIgs)5630Sector Edit
Fantavision (Update)364ControllerSoftkey for same in issue #30, page 24
Fantavision (Update)385ControllerSoftkey for same in issue #30, page 24
Fantavision (Update)4832-33ControllerSoftkey for same in issue #30, page 24
Fat City185-6Sector EditSoftkey for "Stickybear Series" issue #15, page 10
Fat City5133Sector Edit
Fathoms 40248Controller
Fay: Word Hunter5510-11Sector Edit
Fight Night465Sector Edit
Fight Night5133-34Sector Edit
Fight Night5632Sector Edit
Final Conflict458RWTSDemuffin Plus
Financial Cookbook156Sector EditReplay, Alaska, or Wildcard
Financial Cookbook267Sector Edit
First Letter Fun5023-24Controller+Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Fish Scales5024-25Controller
Fishes 1.03414-15RWTS/Hex Dump
Fix It5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Flashcalc2314-15Sector Edit
Fleet System 34428-29Binary Patches
Flight Simulator (Update)4524Machine CodeSoftkey for same in issue #36, page 23
Flight Simulator 2.0517Sector Edit+Hex DumpSoftkey "Flight Simulator Update" in issue #45, page 24
Flight Simulator II184Bit CopyLocksmith 5.0 + drive speed adjustments
Flight Simulator II (1.05)3623-27Btcodetrace+HexdumpsIssue 51, page 4Source code listing-in #37/pg 27 to verify all hex dumps
Flight Simulator II (Partial)3828-29RWTS
Flight Simulator II (Partial)455Binary PatchIssue 49, page 4Softkey for same in issues #36/pg 23 and #37, page 27
Flight Simulator II v2.0 (Fix)6427Sector Edit/Hex DumpSoftkey for same in issue #51, page 7
Flip Out1211-13File Copy
Focusing on Language Arts (Series)5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Following Written Directions6330Copya Alt/Sector Edit
Forbidden Castle434-5Sector Edit
Forbidden Castle5631DOS Patch+Sector Edit
Forecast: Your At-Home Weather Station5330Disk Copy
Fortran6229-30Copya Alt.
Foundation Course in Spanish, 6th Ed.4610Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Fraction Concepts Inc.5325Sector Edit
Fraction Factory6212-13RWTS + Controller
Fraction Munchers5323-24Sector Edit
Fraction Practice Unlimited5324Sector Edit
Frogger4128-29Binary Patch+Hex Dump
Fun from A to Z5023-24Controller+Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Fun with Direction5115Sector Edits
Fundamental Capitalization...5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Fundamental Punctuation Practice5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Fundamental Spelling Words in Context...5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
G.I. Joe3322Sector Edit
G.I. Joe5633-34Controller
G.I. Joe6121Copya Alt./Sector Edit
Galaxy Math Facts Decimals/Fractions6330Copya Alt/Sector Edit
Galaxy Search/Predicting Outcomes5726Copya Alt/File Copy
Game Frame6228Sector Edits
Game, The6330Copya Alt/Sector Edit
Games - Summer Edition, The648Sector Edit
Garfield Deluxe Edition6033-34Sector Edit
Garfield Double Dares5621DOS Patch+Sector Edit
Gary Kitchen's Game Maker4932Sector Edit
Gary Kitchen's Game Maker5017Sector Edits
Gary Kitchen's Game Maker5021Sector EditsSoftkey "Great Amer. CC Road Race" in issue #39, page 11
Gary Kitchen's Game Maker577-8BootcodeTrace/SctrEdit
Gato237Sector Edit
Gato306Sector Edit
Gato (Update)324Sector Edit
Gato 1.3365Cntrlr+Sector Edit
Gato 1.3387-8Sector Edit
Gato 1.3 (Correction)426Controller CorrectionSoftkey for same in issue #36, page 5
Gato 1.3 (Partial)5917-18Sector EditLocksmith with ABT (Automatic Boot Tracer)
Gato v1.36229Copya Ptch/File Copy
Gauntlet5836Sector Edit
Gauntlet5836Sector EditSoftkey "Infiltrator II" in issue #52, page 35
Gauntlet6119Copya Alt./Sector Edit"Infiltrator" softkey in issue #56, page 8
Gauntlet (IIgs)609Sector Edit
GBA 2-on-2 Championship Basketball (IIgs)5119Sector Edit
GBA Championship Basketball5037Sector Edits
GBA Championship Basketball (IIgs)5316Sector Edit
Gemstone Warrior4114-15Sector Edit
Gemstone Warrior (Update)4722Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #41, page 14
Gemstone Warrior (Update)4733DOS Patch+Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #41, page 14
General Chemistry2915Bit or Card CopyReplay, Alaska, or Wildcard
General Chemistry Disk #85434-35ControllerOr use softkey for "Ultima IV" in issue #28, page 10
General Manager368-9Binary File Patches
General Manager5625RWTS
Genesis5315-16Binary Patch+Hex Dump
Geoworld6228Sector Edits
Germany 19851827-29Hex Dump+Basic Pgrm
Gessler Spanish software2627ControllerIssue 29, page 9Controller "Gessler software" in same issue & page
GFL Championship Football5017Sector EditsSoftkey for "Labyrinth" in issue #46, page 4
GFL Championship Football5037Sector Edits
GFL Championship Football5336Controller
Ghost Rider5324Sector Edit
Ghostbusters374Sector Edit
Ghostbusters407Sector Edit
Gold Rush97-8RWTS
Goldfinger5910Sector Edit
Goldfinger5937Copya Alt/Sector Edit
Golf's Best389DOS Patch+Sector CopyCIA programs
GomokuCv3#325File Copy/Bas.Pgrm.ModDeMuffin Plus
Good Thinking!358-9Sector Edit
Goofy Ghost437-8File Copy
Goonies5318Cntrlr + Sector EditIssue #60, page 17-18
Goonies5620-21Controller+Sector Edit"Zorro/Goonies" controller in issue #44, page 22-23
Goonies (Fix) (Under "Stephen Lau", last para., col 3)6017-18ControllerSoftkey for same in issue #53, page 18
Grade Manager 2.35323-24Sector Edit
Grammer Gremlins6419File Copy/Rename
Grandma's House227-8Controller
Graphic Adventure #1337File Copy
Graphic Solution4738RWTS + Sector Edit
Graphic Writer 1.0 & 1.1R (IIgs)5020-21Sector Edit
Graphic Writer 2.0 (IIgs)5610Sector EditSoftkey for "Graphic Writer 1.0" in issue #50, page 20
Graphic Writer V1.1RA (IIgs)5113Sector Edit
Graphics Expander4315Sector Edit
Graphics Studio (IIgs)5422Sector Edit
Graphics Studio (IIgs)6225Sector Edits
Graphmaster2413Sector Edit
Great American Cross-Country Road Race464Sector Edit
Great American Cross-Country Road Race5017Sector Edits
Great American Cross-Country Road Race5336Controller
Green Globs & Graphing Equations5433RWTS
Grid Designer5223Sector Edit
Grolier Knowledge Explorer software2413Sector Edit
Growing Up Small5115Copya Patch
GS software (IIgs)4734TipsBit copiers
Guitar Wizard4722Sector Edit
Gumball3426-28Btcode Trace+Hex Dump
Gutenberg, Sr.5612Copya Patch
H.E.R.O.5222Binary Patch
Hacker2824Binary Patch
Hacker II4838Binary Patch
Hacker II5017Sector Edits
Hacker II (IIgs)5615Sector Edit
Hacker II (IIgs) (Partial)5021Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #48, page 20
Hacker II (ProDOS 16, V1.0) (IIgs)4820Sector Edit
Hacker II (Update)456Binary PatchIssue #50, page 15, column 3 at Core Apple Logo
Hacker II: The Doomsday Papers5721-22Binary Patch
Halley Project2822Controller
Halley Project354Sector Edit
Halley Project (Fix)374ControllerSoftkey for same in article "Mindscape" issue #28, pg 22
Halley Project (Update)416Controller
Handlers, The468Bin.Patch or Sctr Edit
Handlers, The5026-28Controller
Hard Hat Mack522-23Bootcode Trace
Hard Hat Mack (Update)3825Binary Patch+Hex DumpSoftkey for same in issue #5, page 22
Hardball339Sector Edit
Hardball455Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #33, page 9
Hardball4825Sector Edit
Hardball4918Sector Edit
Hardball5014Sector Edit
Hardball5625-26Controller+Sector Edit
Hardball (IIgs)5332Sector Edit
Hardball (IIgs)5630Sector Edit
Hardball (IIgs)5715Sector EditsFormatted 5.25" diskette
Hardball (IIgs)5724Sector Edit
Hartley software (Medalist Series)3223ControllerUse "Hartley software (A)" controller same issue & page
Hartley Software (Under "Some notes on...)6116Copya Patch
Hayden software86-7RWTSDemuffin Plus
Hayes Terminal Program274Sector Edit
Heist, The226-7Controller
Hi-Res Computer Golf II126Controller
Hi-Res Cribbage3510-11Binary Patch+Hex Dump
Hi-Res Secrets712-13RWTSInteger card and FID
High Seas6219Copya Alts
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy2128Bit CopyCopy II + 4.3 with parms., Copy II+ 4.4, or EDDv2
Hobbit, The346Sector Edit
Hobbit, The3528Sector Edit
Hobbit, The5519DOS Patch+Sector Edit
Holy Grail, The269Sector Edit
Home Accountant, The526File Copy
Hometown6228-29Copya Ptch/Sector Edit
Homeword 1.283Bit Copy
Homeword 2.13923Sector Edit
Homeword Speller259Sector Edit
Homeworker6423Bit Copy/File CopyCopy II+
Homonyms in Context5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
How about a nice game of Chess?3524-25ControllerUse this cntrlr or "Masquerade" controller on SIOB disk
HSD Statistics Series software197Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Hyperspace WarsCU3.23File CopyMuffin
I, Damiano345Sector Edit
I, Damiano388Sector Edit
IIgs software signature fix567-8Bootcode Trace
Ikari Warriors5213Sector Edit
Ikari Warriors5314Sector Edit
In Search of the Most Amazing Thing227-8Controller
Inca269Sector Edit
Incredible Laboratory416RWTS
Individualized Study Master5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Industrial Electronics4612RWTS
Inferno4127Cntrlr+Sector Edit
Infiltrator4725Sector Edit
Infiltrator4730Sector Edit
Infiltrator4823RWTS + Sector Edit
Infiltrator4924-25Sector Edit
Infiltrator568Sector Edit
Infiltrator II5036Sector Edits
Infiltrator II5235Sector Edit
Infocom (Update)114Cntrlr + Sector EditSoftkey "Backing Up Starcross" in issue #5, page 20
Infocom games244-5Binarypatch+Sctr Edit
Infocom software428Sector Edit
Infomaster2413Sector Edit
Information Master4322-24Cntrlr+Basic Pgrm
Injured Engine2420-21Sector Edit
Inside Outside Opposites5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Inside Outside Shapes5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Instant Music (IIgs)4820Sector Edit
Instant Music (IIgs)5019Sector Edit
Instant Music (IIgs)628Sector Edit
Instant Pascal3326-27Sector Edit
Instant Recall2612-13RWTS + Program Patches
Integer ProgramsHCv1#230Binary PatchArticle "Open-heart Surgery" in issue HCv1#1, page 27
Interlude II395Hello Program Patch
International Granprix4412Binary Patch+Hex Dump
Intrigue5134Copya Patch
Introduction to Counting2813DOS Patch + File Copy
Isle of Men2413Sector Edit
J & S Grade Book v5.4.1637File Copy/Binary Patch
J & S Gradebook6024File Copy/Hello Mod.RAM card with at least 150K
J-Bird4836-37Cntrlr + Sector EditIssue 52, page 4
Jane448Sector Edit
Jenny of the Prairie298-9RWTS
Jenny of the Prairie385Sector EditUse softkey for same in issue #29, page 8
Jenny's Journeys5023-24Cntrlr + Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Jenny's Journeys5314Controller
Jet Simulator (Partial)5136Binary PatchesUse softkey for "Flight Sim." in issue #36, page 23
Jigsaw448Sector Edit
Jingle Disk318Controller
Joe Theisman's Pro Football4411Controller
Jumpman5926Sector Edit
Jungle Hunt5134Sector Edit + Copya
K.C.'s Deals on Wheels 1.0468Sector Edit
Kabul Spy134Bit Copy+Sector EditLocksmith 4.1
Kabul Spy428Sector Edit
Kalamazoo Teacher's Record Book 2.05418Cntrlr + Sector Edit"DOS-Up" or other DOS moving utility
Kamikaze86-7RWTSDemuffin Plus
Karate Champ319Sector Edit
Karate Champ415Sctr Edit+Sector Copy
Karate Champ (Update)366Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #31, page 9
Karateka2316-17Btcode Trace+Hex Dumps
Karateka (Fix)394Binary Patch
Key Perfect 5.0458Binary Patch
Keyboard Kadet5631DOS Patch+Sector Edit
Keyperfect404Sector Edit
Kid Nikki Radical Ninja5314Sector Edit
Kids on Keys4736Sector Edit
Kids on Keys5435DOS Patch
Kids on Keys (Fix)5610Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #47, page 37
Kidwriter207-8Cntrlr + Hex Dump
Kidwriter 1.03611Controller
Killed Until Dead6327Sector Edit
Kindercomp5116RWTSDemuffin Plus or controller in inssue #45, page 23
Kindermath6228Sector Edits
King Cribbage214RWTS
King's Quest307Sector Edit
King's Quest (IIgs)609-10Sector Edit
King's Quest I & II (IIgs)6111Sector Edit
King's Quest I (IIgs)597Sector EditIssue #63, page 10
King's Quest I (IIgs)6022Sector Edit
King's Quest I (IIgs)6224Sector Edit
King's Quest II338Sector Edit
King's Quest II364Sector Edit
King's Quest II588Sector Edit
King's Quest II & III (IIgs)6326Sector Edit
King's Quest II (IIgs)6225-26Sector Edits
King's Quest III6136Sector Edit
King's Quest III6219Sector Edit
King's Quest III6412Sector Edit
Knoware146Sector EditIssue 15, page 5
Knowing Numbers5115Sector Edits
Koronis Rift348-9Sector Edit
Kracking Vol. II328Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Krell Logo Ver. A108RWTS
Krell SAT Series135File CopyDemuffin
Kung-Fu Master5040Sector Edits
Kung-Fu Master5135Sector Edit
Kung-Fu Master538Controller
La Corrida de Toros2627ControllerIssue 29, page 9Use "Batalla..." (#26/Pg 27) or "Gessler software" cntrlr
Labyrinth464Sector Edit
Labyrinth5722Binary Patch
Laf Pack139Sector Edit
Laf Pack, Normalized (BRUNable games)139-11Hex Dump+Binary Patch
Lancaster59/12File Copy
Last Gladiator, The1326ControllerUse "Electronic Arts" controller in same issue & page
Last Ninja, The (IIgs)6436Sector Edit
Law of the West468Sector Edit
Law of the West5120Sector Edit
Lazer Maze5619RWTSDemuffin Plus
Lazer Maze6021RWTS
Le Demenagement5614DOS or Binary Patches
Le Demenagement5629Sector Edit
Le Francais Par Ordinateur5217Sector Edit
Le Francais Par Ordinateur:5629Sector Edit
Learn about Sounds in Reading299File Copy
Learning to Tell Time5322-23ControllerController for "Dragonworld" in issue #30, page 28
Learning with Fuzzywomp277-8Sector Edit
Learning with Leeper138Sector Edit
Leisure Suit Larry608Sector Edit
Leisure Suit Larry (IIgs)5319Sector Edit
Leisure Suit Larry (IIgs)609-10Sector Edit
Leisure Suit Larry (IIgs) (Fix)5936Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #53, page 19
Leisure Suit Larry (Partial)5630Sector Edit
Leisure Suit Larry/Lounge Lizards (IIgs)5519-20Sector Edit
Les Sports5629Sector Edit
Let's Go Fishing6321Sector Edit/DOS Alt.
Let's Learn about Money5322-23ControllerController for "Dragonworld" in issue #30, page 28
Let's Learn about the Library5322-23ControllerController for "Dragonworld" in issue #30, page 28
Letters and Words5115Sector Edits
Letters for You5318Sector Edit
Liberated Backups Retaining Protection712-13RWTSInteger card and FID
Life Saver3120-21Hex DumpsModified F8 ROM or RAMcard in slot 1
Light Simulator4229Hex DumpIssue 42, page 6
Light Simulator (Fix)424Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #42, page 29
Lion's Share, The1214-15Controller
Lion's Workshop5610Sector Edit
List Handler468Binary Patch
List Handler5026-28Controller
Little Computer People Discovery Kit5017Sector Edits
Little Computer People Discovery Kit5113Sector Edits
Little Computer People Discovery Kit5135Sector Edit
Little Computer People Discovery Kit5213Sector EditSoftkey for "Shanghai" in issue #49, page 29
Locksmith 5.083Sector Edit
Locksmith 5.0124Parameter changeLocksmith 5.0 program
Locksmith 5.0 (Patch)135Sector EditIssue 14, page 9Article "More on Bit Copiers" issue #10, page 4
Locksmith 5.0 Fast Copy (Rev F)1415,27Hex Dump + Patch
Locksmith 5.0 Fastcopy204-5Keyboard Reset Trick
Locksmith 6.0 Fastcopy4312-14Btcode Trace+Text File
Locksmith 6.0 Fastcopy (5 Second Fastboot into...)5612-13Sctredit/Basic/Hexdump#62, page 21, last para. and #63, page 24, last para.An original Electronic Arts
Locksmith 6.0 Fastcopy (Update)4927Binary File Patches
Locksmith 6.0 Fastcopy for IIgs5037Binary Patch+Hex DumpIssue 55, page 4 and 37Softkey for same in issue #43, page 12
Locksmith 6.0 Fastcopy for IIgs (Fix)5537Binary Patch+Hex DumpSoftkey for same in issue #50, page 37
Lode Runner2211-12Hex Dump
Lode Runner2826-27Cntrlr + Hex Dump
Lords of Conquest5320-21Sector Edit
Lords of Conquest ("Example Controllers")6011Controller
Lucifer's Realm429Sector Edit
Lucifer's Realm4734Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #42, page 9
Lucky's Magic Hat465Sector Edit
Luscher Profile3912Sector Edit
M-ss-ng L-nks5737Controller
M-ss-ng L-nks Series397-8RWTS
Mabel's Mansion4823-24Sector Edit
Magic Slate256Bit CopyCopy II+ 5.0
Magic Slate377Binary Pgrm Edit
Magic Slate (Both Sides)4926Sector Edit
Magic Spells5330Sector EditSenior Prom
Magic Spells6332Copya Alt/File Copy
Magic Window II26-8Hellopgrm+DOS Patch
Magic Window II (and other Artsci prgms)167-8ControllerUse "Artsci software" controller in same issue & page
Magic Words167-8ControllerUse "Artsci software" controller in same issue & page
Magical Myths (IIgs)6019Sector Edit
Magical Myths (IIgs)6110-11Sector Edit
Make Your Own Murder Party5134-35Sector Edit
Management Edge5916-17Bootcode Trace/Contrlr
Maniac Mansion5037Sector Edits
Maniac Mansion5135Sector Edit
Maniac Mansion5136-37Sector Edits
Manuscript Manager4213Controller
Manuscript Manager4734Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #42, page 13
Maps & Globes: Latitude & Longitude5322-23ControllerController for "Dragonworld" in issue #30, page 28
Maps & Globes: Latitude & Longitude6036DOS Patch / Copya
Marauder228Sector Edit
Marble Madness4727-28Sector Edit
Marble Madness4835Sector Edit
Marble Madness5327Binary File Patch
Marble Madness (IIgs)5320Sector Edit
Marble Madness (IIgs)5422-23Sector Edit
Marble Madness (IIgs)5728Binary Patch
Market Place, The5023-24Cntrlr + Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Mars Cars2321Hex Dump+Sector EditCreate ARD (Anti Reboot Disk) as outlined
Mask of the Sun727File Copy
Mask Parade305Sector Edit
Masquerade3524-25ControllerIssue 53, page 4
Masquerade (Fix)5433Copya PatchSoftkey for same in issue #35, page 25
Master Diagnostics II & II+5522-23RWTS & File Copy
Master Diagnostics IIe5116-17RWTS
Master Diagnostics IIe527-8RWTS
Master Diagnostics IIe (Fix)579Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #52, page 7
Master of the Lamps399Sector Edit
Master of the Lamps5017Sector Edits
Master Word365Hello Program mod.
Mastering the SAT307-8Controller
Mastering the SAT398-9Sector Edit
MasterType186RWTSSoftkey for same in issue #15, page 8
MasterType 2.15513RWTS & Sector Edit
MasterType 2.16017Copya Mod./Hello PrgmSoftkey for same in issue #55, page 13
Mastery Arithmetic5810Disk CopyAdvanced Copya, issue #54, page 27 near bottom 1st col
Mastery Arithmetic Games509ControllerSoftkey for side B of Sword of Kadash in issue #27/pg 17
Matchmaker (Early Games)249Controller
Matchmaker World Geography Facts6234-35RWTS
Math Blaster5310Cntrlr + Binary PatchController for "Speed Reader II" in issue #39, page 29
Math Blaster5722-23RWTS + Hello ProgramNewswap and Fast Controllers from Starter Kit Disk
Math Blaster (Partial)5419Cntrlr + Sector EditIssue #58, page 4
Math Blaster (Partial)6115Cntrlr + Hello Alt."Double DOS" program, same issue, pages 12-14
Math Critters4834RWTS
Math Critters4921-22RWTSAdvanced Demuffin Plus
Math Rabbit509Sector Edit
Math Sequences286Disk Copy+Sector Edit
Math Shop6135File Rename
Math Shop6414Copya Patch/File Copy
Mathblasters6120Sector Edit
Mathemagic147RWTS+DOS Patch
Mathematics (Series)5521-22DDS Patch & Copya
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing6218Sector Edit
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing (IIgs)6018-19Sector Edit
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing (IIgs)619-10Sector Edit
Maxi Golf6210-11Sector Edit
Maxwell Manor5428RWTS
Mean 18 (Golf) (IIgs)4820Sector Edit
MECC Dataquest: Fifty States5023-24Cntrlr + Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
MECC Software (1987)5323-24Sector Edit
MECC's 1985 Mastering Math Software5310-11RWTS
Megabots4824-25File Copy
Megabots6116Hello Alteration
Megaworks217Copya Patch
Meteor Multiplication259Controller
Mickey's Space Adventure255Binary File PatchIssue 27, page 6
Mickey's Space Adventure5728Binary Patch
Micro Addition/Subtraction6134Copya Alt./Sector Edit
Micro Power & Light Programs712-13RWTSInteger card and FID
Micro Wine Companion4722RWTS
Micro-Computer Learning Games5726Copya Alt/File Copy
Microbe3122Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Microcomputer Interfacing4612RWTS
Microtype6415DOS Patch/File CopyDeMuffin Plus
Microtype (Speedup)445Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #29, page 14
Microtype: Wonderful World of Paws2914RWTS + Sector Edit
Microwave185Copya Patch+Sctr Edit
Microwave4410Sector Edit
Microzine #12, 13, 144727RWTSDemuffin Plus
Microzine #14 Fun House5714-15Sector Edit
Microzine #175021Sector Edits
Microzine #18-235330Sector EditIssue #63, page 8, last paragraph
Microzine #21 & #22569DOS Patch & Copya
Microzine #235216File Copy
Microzine #24579-10Hello Program Alt.
Microzine #256123-24Hello Prgm Alt"Microzine #24" softkey, issue #57, page 9
Microzine #265810Disk CopyAdvanced Copya, issue #54, page 27 near bottom 1st col
Microzine #26 (Partial)6124Controller"Colonial Conquest" cntrlr pg 8 + article pg 7, issue #53
Microzine programs712-13RWTSInteger card and FID
Microzines2714Sector Edit+File Copy
Microzines 1-52710-11RWTS
Microzines 7-92712-13DOS Patch+Sector Edit
Midi/42828Bin+Bas Pgrm Patches
Midi/8 Plus3922Bin.Patch+Hello Pgrm
Might & Magic4730Sector Edit
Might & Magic4831Sector Edit
Might & Magic5010Sector Edit
Might & Magic5012Sector Edit
Might & Magic528Sector Edit
Milliken Math Series (1980)5726RWTSDeMuffin Plus
Milliken Word Processor5613-14Sector Edit
Millionaire127File CopyIssue 13, page 8
Millionaire3012-15DOS Patch + File Copy
Millionaire II5627Disk + File Copy
Milton Bradley software184Copya Patch
Mind Mirror4927Sector Edit
Mind Mirror5312Sector Edit
Mind Over Matter6222RWTSOptional: Advanced DeMuffin 1.1 or later
Mind Over Minors (Teacher's Edition)6023Disk Copy/Hello Prgm.
Mind Prober195RWTSSoftkey for "Millionaire" in issue #15, page 7
Mind Prober257Hello Program Patch
Mind Prober5736Sector Edit
Mind Prober6023Disk Copy/Hello Prgm.
Mindscape (Learning Well Series)6116Copya Patch(3rd paragraph, 2nd column)
Mindscape prgms in Pascal6116Block Edit(4th para., 2nd column), Bag of Tricks or similar
Mindscape prgms using "FORTH" operating system6116Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #28, page 22-23
Mindscape prgms using (Dinky DOS)6116Sector Edit(2nd column, paragraph 2)
Mindscape programs2822Controller
Mindshadow4732Cntrlr + Sector EditSoftkey for "Borrowed Time" in issue #39 page 24
Miner 2049'er2210RWTS
Miner 2049'er277Controller
Miner 2049'er II4837Sector Edit
Mini-Putt6410-11Sector Edit
Minit Man1028-29Cntrlr + File Copy
Minit Man134Copya or File CopySoftkey for same in issue #10, page 28
Minn. Ed.Computing Consortium software4725-26Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Minnesota Educational Cmptg Consortium5023-24Cntrlr + Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Minnesota Educational Cmptg Consortium5323-24Sector Edit
Minus Mission137-8ControllerUse controller "DLM Software.13" in this issue & page
Minus Mission259Controller
Miss Mouse459Sector Edit
Missing Ring, The4737-38File Copy
Mission in our Solar System5015Controller"Halley Project" controller, issues #28/pg 22 + #41/pg6
Mist, The2822Controller
Mist, The5331Sector Edit
Mixed Numbers314Copya Patch
Moebius328Cntrlr + Sector Edit"Ultima IV" controller in issue #28, page 10
Moebius5015Cntrlr + Sector Edit"Ultima IV" cntrlr + "Moebius" softkey in issue #32/pg 8
Monatan Reading Program638-9File Copy/Binary Patch
Money Manager358Sector Edit
Money Works5324Sector Edit
Monty Plays Scrabble427Sector Edit
More Stickybears2628DOS Patch+Sector EditIssue 56, page 4 and issue 29, page 9
Morloc's Tower228File CopyIssue 24, page 6Muffin
Morning Star Math5330Copya DOS Patch
Morning Star Math (or Spelling?)5727Copya Alt.
Mountain Climbing/Cause & Effect5726Copya Alt/File Copy
Mouse Budget329Sector Edit
Mouse Calc4512Sector Edit
Mouse Desk329Sector Edit
Mouse Word329Sector Edit
Mouse Word4821Sector Edit
Mousepaint3622DOS Patches
Mousepaint4723Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #36, page 22
Mouskattack76/30Binary File Mod.
Movie Maker324Sector Edit
Movie Maker5134Sector Edit
Movie Maker517-8Sector EditsSoftkey "Artic Fox" in issue #48, page 36
Movie Monster Game, The5314Sector Edit
Movie Monster Game, The5322Sector Edit
Movie Monster Game, The5716-17Sector Edit
Movie Monster Game, The5910Sector Edit
Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Mr. Robot and his Robot Factory247Hex Dump
Multiplan14ControllerController for same in issue #2, page 8
Multiplan (Fix)312ControllerSoftkey for same in issue #2, page 8
Multiplication Puzzles5310-11RWTS
Multiscribe 2.05611-12Copya Patch+File Copy
Multiscribe 3.05611Sector Edit
Multiscribe 3.0599-10Sector Edit
Multiscribe 3.0 (IIgs) (Update)6029Sector EditSoftkey for same, issue #56, page 17-18
Multiscribe 3.01C (IIgs)5617-18Sector Edit
Multiscribe 3.0C (IIgs)5331-32Sector Edit
Mummy's Curse418RWTS
Muppet Slate v1.05832Sector Edit
Murder by the Dozen2928File Copy
Murder on the Mississippi437Binary Patch
Murder on the Mississippi5314Sector Edit
Murder on the Zinderneuf279Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Music Construction Set97Bit CopyLocksmith or Copy II +
Music Construction Set1227-28File Copy or Sctr Edit
Music Construction Set5119Binary Patch
Music Construction Set (IIgs)4821Sector Edit2nd 3.5 drive or 800K RAMdisk
Music Construction Set (IIgs)509Sector Edit
Music Construction Set (IIgs)5235Sector Edit
Music Construction Set (Partial) (IIgs)5021Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #48, page 21
Music Construction Set (Revisiting...)3210-11Cntrlr + Sector EditIssue 33, page 6
Music Made Easy5326RWTSDemuffin Plus
Music Studio (IIgs)4839Sector Edit
Music Studio (IIgs)509Sector Edit
Music Studio (ProDOS 16, V1.0) (IIgs)4820Sector Edit
Mychess II4012-13Hex Dump
Mychess II448Sector Edit
Mystery Sentences5330Sector EditUse softkey for "Microzines" in issue #27, page 15
NAM385Copya PatchUse softkey for "SSI's RDOS" in issue #30, page 24
NATO Commander384-5Sector Edit
NATO Commander v1.2?6025-26Sector Edit
Negotiation Edge5916-17Bootcode Trace/Contrlr
New Oregon Trail4826Cntrlr + Sector Edit
New Oregon Trail6417Controller/Sector Edit
Newsroom2318-19Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Newsroom274Sector Edit
Newsroom (under "Some notes on Scholastic")6116Sector Edit
Night Mission Pinball2213-14Bootcode Trace
Night Mission Pinball274-5Binary PatchLetter about "A2-PB1" in issue #24, page 5
Night Mission Pinball5420-21Bootcode Trace
Nightmare Gallery5926RWTS + Controller
Nine Princes in Amber369-10Binary Patch
Notable Phantom4722RWTS
Note Card Maker4722Sector Edit
Notes 'N' Files (IIgs)6413-14Sector Edit
Number Bowling6419Copya Alt/Sector Edit
Number Farm4411Sector Edit
Number Farm4517Sector Edit
Number Munchers5023-24Cntrlr + Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Number Munchers 1.25323-24Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Numbers Count5318Sector Edit
Odell Lake5323-24Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Oils Well924-25Sector Edit
Old Ironsides226Sector Edit
Olympic Decathlon3512-13Hex Dump + Cntrlr
On Balance6229Copya Alt./Sector Edit
One on One1326ControllerUse "Electronic Arts" controller in same issue & page
One on One3910Controller
One on One4924Sector Edit + Cntrlr
One on One6124-25Controller
One Word6228-29Copya Ptch/Sector Edit
Operation Frog256Cntrlr or DOS Patch
Operation Frog448RWTS + File CopyFID
Operation Frog465Controller
Operation Frog5330Sector EditUse softkey for "Microzine 7-9" in issue #27, page 12
Operation Frog6314-15Copya Patch/Bit CopyCopy II+
Operation Market Garden5228Basic Pgrm Mod.Softkey for SSI's RDOS to ProDOS issue #52 pages 24-28
Operational Amplifiers4612RWTS
Opposites Attract5318Sector Edit
Oregon Trail 1.45323-24Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Organic Chemistry2915Bit or Card CopyReplay, Alaska, or Wildcard
Original Boston Computer Diet, The3112-13Sector Edit
Other Side, The3826-27Controller
OThexder6225Sector EditOriginal Thexder Program
Pac-Man6218Copya Alt./Sector Edit
Pac-Man, Un-2-ing (IIgs)4734Binary PatchBroken Pacman program
Paint with Words5023-24Cntrlr + Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Paintworks Plus (IIgs)4830-31Sector Edit
Paintworks Plus (IIgs)509Binary Patch
Paintworks Plus (ProDOS 16, V1.0) (IIgs)4820Sector Edit
Paintworks Plus 1.0, 1.01 (IIgs)4838Sector Edit
Paintworks Plus V1.0 (IIgs)4915Sector Edit
Paintworks Plus V1.1 (IIgs)4916Sector Edit
Pandora's Box65-6Sector Edit
Pandora's Box (Update)454Sector Edit
Panzer Grenadier385Copya PatchUse softkey for "SSI's RDOS" in issue #30, page 24
Paper Models - The Christmas Kit5536-37Sector Edit
Paperboy (IIe ProDOS version)6410Copya Ptch/Sector Edit
Paperboy (IIgs)6018Sector Edit
Paris en Metro5629Sector Edit
Patchworks5916-17Bootcode Trace/Contrlr
Path Tactics5023-24Cntrlr + Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Path Tactics6415Controller
Paul Whitehead Teaches Chess4826-27Sector Edit
Peanut's Math Matcher5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Peanut's Maze Marathon178RWTS
Peanut's Maze Marathon5417DOS Patch & File Copy
Peanut's Maze Marathon5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Peanut's Picture Puzzlers5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Pegasus6034Sector Edit
Pegasus II3712-13Binary Pgrm Mod.Demuffin Plus
Penguin software1314-15ControllerUse "Penguin software" controller in same issue & page
Perfect Score357-8Sector EditIssue 36, page 6
Perfect Score (Update)424-5Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #35, page 7
Periodic Table4112Add Basic Program
Perry Mason369-10Binary Patch
Perry Mason & The Case/Mandarin Murder348Sector Edit
Perry Mason & The Case/Mandarin Murder5519Sector Edit
Personal FriendHCU3.39Bit Copy
Pest Patrol420-23Bootcode Trace
PFS Computer Checkup (XPS Diagnostics)6116Sector Edit
PFS: (F/G/P/W)146Sector Edit
PFS: (F/G/P/W)215Sector Edit
PFS: (F/G/P/W)429Sector EditSoftkeys in issue #'s 14/pg 6, 21/pg 5 and 22/pg 4
PFS: (F/G/P/W) (Convert to 3.5" disks)6122Binary PatchIssue #64, page 8 under "PFS.Write"
PFS: (F/G/P/W) (ProDOS version)5028-29Cntrlr + Sector Edit
PFS: (F/G/P/W) (ProDOS versions)315Sector Edit
PFS: (F/G/P/W) (Update)224Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #14, page 6
PFS: (File/Graph/Plan/Write) 3.5" (IIgs)5233Binary Patch
PFS: File (School Version)4727Sector Edit
PFS: Graph (ProDOS)5837Sector Edit
PFS: Write (Partial)648Binary PatchSoftkey for same in issue #61, page 22
Phantasie5228File CopySoftkey for SSI's RDOS to ProDOS issue #52 pages 24-28
Phi Beta Filer2715RWTS
PHM Pegasus466Sector Edit
PHM Pegasus4836Sector Edit
PHM Pegasus4921Sector Edit
Phonics Prime Time5023-24Cntrlr + Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Phonics Prime Time - Blends & Digraphs5323-24Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Phonics Prime Time - Vowels I & II5323-24Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Picture Phonics5928-29Disk + Bit Copy
Pie Man4838ControllerSoftkey & cntrlr "Sword Of Kadash" in issue #27, page 16
Piece of Cake137ControllerUse controller for "Snooper Troops" in same issue & page
Pinball Construction Set237Sector Edit
Pinball Construction Set5137Bit CopyCopy II+ 7.1 and parameters shown
Pinball Construction Set607DOS Patch/Sector Edit
Pirate Adventure4724-25File Copy
Pirates!617-8File Copy/Sector Edit
Pirates! (IIgs)618Binary Patch/File Copy
Pitfall II419Controller
Pitfall II5619-20ControllerIssue #60, page 4
Pitstop II288Controller
Pitstop II5134Sector Edit + Copya
Pixit4420File Copy + Patches
Plasmania369Bootcode Trace+Hexdump
Plato Computer Literacy Intro157RWTS
Poetry Express4834DOS Patch
Police Artist5411RWTS
Polywriter 1.25810-11Hello Program
Pond, The5737Controller
Pool 1.56035-36RWTS
Pooyan357Bootcode Trace+Hexdump
Portal4933Sector Edit
Portal5036Sector Edits
Practical Grammar5417DOS Patch & File Copy
Prentice Hall prgms (Under "Some notes on...")6116Sector Edit
Preschool Fun268-9RWTS
Presenter6120Binary Patches
Prince3214-15Sector Edit
Principal's Assistant5010-11DOS Patch
Principles of Economics6413Sector Edit
Print Master Plus5214File CopyCopy II+ 7.3
Print Shop1713-15Cntrlr+Binary PatchIssue 18, page 21 (two bugs)
Print Shop (Color Version)467Sector Edit
Print Shop (Color Version)4821Sector Edit
Print Shop (Color Version)5232Sector Edit
Print Shop (IIgs)5023Sector Edit
Print Shop (IIgs)5113Sector Edit
Print Shop (IIgs)5236Sector Edit
Print Shop (ProDOS 8 V1.4) (IIgs)5022Sector Edit
Print Shop Companion327Controller
Print Shop Companion375Sector Edit
Print Shop Companion Driver Game3919Binary Pgrm Save
Print Shop Graphics Lib/Holiday Ed.5019Sector Edits
Print Shop Graphics Lib/Holiday Ed.5134Bit CopyCopy II+ 7.4
Print Shop Graphics Library238-9Controller
Print Shop, A New447Sector Edit
Printographer5928Copya Alt/Sector Edit
Prisoner II415Binary File Patch
Prisoner II428Sector Edit
ProDOS 16 protection (IIgs)4734Sector Edit
Project Space Station6214Controller
Project Space Station6231DOS & Fast Cntrlr Alts
PSAT Word Attack Skills6329RWTS
PSAT/SAT Analogies6329RWTS
Pulse & Logic Waveforms4612RWTS
Punctuation Skills314Copya Patched
Puzzles and Posters4611Controller
Puzzles and Posters 1.65323-24Sector EditIssue 54, page 4From "Group A"
Queen of Phobos3524-25ControllerUse "Masquerade" controller in same issue & page
Quest, The1314-15ControllerUse "Penguin software" controller in same issue & page
Quest, The419Sector Edit
Questron5228DOS Patch+Basic Mod.Softkey for SSI's RDOS to ProDOS issue #52 pages 24-28
Quicken378Sector Edit
Quickflash!5023-24Cntrlr + Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Quotient Quest4834RWTS
Quotient Quest4921-22RWTSAdvanced Demuffin Plus
Quotient Quest5310-11RWTS
Race Track/Reading for Detail5726Copya Alt/File Copy
Racter427-8Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Racter5631DOS Patch+Sector Edit
Rad Warrior588DOS Patch/Sector Edit
Rad Warrior6023Copya Mod./Sector Edit
Rad Warrior6219Copya Alt./Sector Edit
Raid over Moscow457Sector Edit
Railroad Works5537Bit & File CopyEDD IV or IV+ and DOS Alterer from Computist Strtr Kit
Railroad Works5619RWTSIssue #60, page 4Demuffin Plus
Railroad Works6021RWTS
Rainbow Painter6317-19Copya Ptch+Alt/SctrEdt
Rambo: First Blood Part II434-5Sector Edit
Rambo: First Blood Part II5631DOS Patch+Sector Edit
Rambo: First Blood Part II6317DOS Patch/Sector EditAltered DOS 3.3 disk from article before this softkey
Rampage639Copya alt/Sector Edit
Randamn3915Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Random House Library Management programs5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Raster Blaster4014-15Bootcode Trace+HexdumpCustomized F8 ROM or RAMcard
Ratios & Proportions314Copya Patch
RDF 19851827-29Hex Dump+Basic Pgrm
Reach for the Stars1827-29Hex Dump+Basic Pgrm
Read and Rhyme (IIgs)6225Sector Edits
Reader Rabbit406File Copy
Reader Rabbit4933ControllerSoftkey for "Alice in Wonderland" issue #35, page 8
Reader Rabbit509Sector Edit
Reader Rabbit5322Sector Edit
Reader Rabbit6437Copya Alt./File Copy
Reader Rabbit (IIgs)5023Sector Edit
Reader's Treasure Chest5928-29Disk + Bit Copy
Reading Comprehension - Main Idea & Details5726-27RWTS
Reading Skills Two6331RWTS
Reading Style Inventory5331RWTS
Reading Workshop6237Copya Ptch/Sector Edit
Real Math5928-29Disk + Bit Copy
Realm of Impossibility5020Sector EditsSoftkey for "Arctic Fox" in issue #49, page 16 or 33
Realm of Impossibility5335Sector Edit
Realm of Impossibility5620ControllerSame as "Earth Orbit Station" in issue #53, page 36
Regress II197Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Regulated Power Supplies4612RWTS
Rendezvous2813DOS Patch + File Copy
Rendezvous378RWTS+File or Trk CopyDemuffin Plus
Rendezvous5118-19Binary Patch
Rendezvous5436Basic Pgrm Alt
Rendezvous with Rama196Controller
Rendezvous with Rama3610Binary Patch
Report Card 1.1207File Copy
Rescue at Rigel347File CopyMuffin
Rescue on Fractalus6118Sector Edit
Rescue Raiders (Mockingboard Patch)359Sector Edit
Rescue Raiders 1.2166Sector Edit
Ring Quest5211ControllerUltima I controller in same issue, previous page
Ring Quest5429Copya Patch+Sctr Edit
Rings of Zilfin5211ControllerUltima I controller in same issue, previous page
Rings of Zilfin5731Controller
Rings of Zilfin5810ControllerSoftkey for "Wizard's Crown" in issue #42, page 11-12
Ringside Seat5228Basic Pgrm Mod.Softkey for SSI's RDOS to ProDOS issue #52 pages 24-28
Road Rally U.S.A.6034-35Copya Mod./Sector Edit
Roadwar 20005435DOS Patch
Roadwar Europa5435DOS Patch
Robomath6022Sector Edit"Mindplay Software" softkey, issue #52, page 17
Robot Odyssey I2812Copya Patch+Sctr Edit
Robot Odyssey I 2.05022Sector Edits
Robot Rascals6219Sector Edit
Robot War368Controller
Robot War456File CopyIssue #50, page 15, column 3 at Core Apple LogoDemuffin Plus
Robotron88-9File Copy
Robots of Dawn249Sector Edit
Rocky Horror Show4836Sector Edit
Rocky Horror Show5017Sector Edits
Rocky's Boots1422ControllerIssue 16, page 26
Rocky's Boots 4.05032-33Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Rocky's Boots 4.05524DOS Patch+Sector Edit
Run For It6234Sector Edit
RWTS Copying with FID712-13RWTSInteger card and FID
Sabotage127File Copy
Same or Different5610Sector Edit
Sammy Lightfoot529-30Sector Edit
Sammy Lightfoot924-25Sector Edit
Sands of Egypt4516DOS Patch
Saracen5039Sector Edits
Sargon III2026Controller
Sargon III228Sector Edit
Sargon III4835Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #20, page 26
SAT Word Attack Skills6329RWTS
Saunders Chemistry C.A.I.4923File CopyDemuffin Plus
Scholastic prgms in ProDOS6116Block Edit(2nd column, 4th para.) Bag of Tricks or similar
School Days/Inference5726Copya Alt/File Copy
Science Professor, The5410Controller
Science Tool Kit4626-27ControllerIssue 49, page 4 (3 bugs)
Science Tool Kit4926-27Sector EditIssue 50, page 4
Science Tool Kit6031-32Controller/Sector EditSoftkey for same, issue #49, page 26-27
Science Tool Kit6125-26Cntrlr/Btcdtrce/SctrEd
Scrabble (for beginners)6330-31DOS Patch/File CopySoftkey for "Elite" in issue #52, page 20
Screenwriter 2.2 (Update)104Sector EditArticle "More on Screenwriter" Vol. 3 #3 (Iss#7), page 4
Screenwriter II58File Copy+Binary PatchIssue 7, page 30
Screenwriter II 2.0 (Update)114Sector EditSoftkey "Sierra On-Line", #9/pg 24 and "Back-Up Book"
Screenwriter II 2.274Sector Edit
Screenwriter II 2.2924-25Sector Edit
Sea Dragon5621Sector Edit
Sea Strike (IIgs)5615Sector Edit
Sea Strike (IIgs)597Sector Edit
Search and Rescue6034RWTSDemuffin Plus
Secret Filer2712-13Sector Edit
Sensible Grammar337Sector Edit
Sensible Speller558Sector Edit
Sensible Speller 4.099-10DOSpatch+Hexdump+Cntrl
Sensible Speller 4.1E215Sector Edit
Sensible Speller IV (ProDOS)1612-14Sector Edit
Sensible Speller IV 4.0C & 4.1C106-7Hex Dump
Sensible Speller IV 4.0C -- 4.2B1124-26Hex Dump+Binary PatchSoftkey for same in issue #9, page 9
Sensible Speller IV 4.0I & 4.0K (Fix)135-6Sector Edit
Serpent's Star289Sector Edit
Sesame St. Electric Coloring Book Series5426-27Sector Edit
Sesame Street Letters for You5427Copya PatchAdvanced Copya
Sesame Street Numbers5426-27Sector Edit
Sesame Street's Electric Crayon Series5318Sector Edit
Seven Cities of Gold2410-11Sector Edit
Seven Cities of Gold5414Sector Edit
Seven Cities of Gold (Update)364Cntrlr + Sector EditHeading says "Eight Cities of Gold"Softkey for same in issue #24, page 10
Shadowgate (IIgs)6436-37Sector Edit
Shanghai4929Sector EditReview issue #46 "Great Amer/CC Race" + #39,"Shanghai"
Shanghai5316Sector Edit
Shanghai5631-32Binary File Patch
Shanghai (IIgs)4821Sector Edit
Shanghai (IIgs)4839Sector Edit
Shanghai (IIgs)509Sector Edit
Shanghai (IIgs)528Sector Edit
Shanghai (Partial) (IIgs)5021Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #48, page 20
Shanghai (ProDOS 16, V1.1) (IIgs)4820Sector Edit
Shape Starship v2.1.5 19866424-25DOS Patch
Shapes and Patterns5115Sector Edits
Sherlock Holmes3010-11Sector Edit
Sherwood Forest3524-25ControllerUse "Masquerade" controller in same issue & page
Shifty Sam5927File Copy
Showoff (IIgs)5615-16Sector Edit
Showoff (IIgs)609Sector Edit
Shutterbug5610Sector Edit
Shuttle Intercept86-7RWTSDemuffin Plus
Sideways1625-26Hex Dump+Hello Pgrm
Sierra On-Line software924-25Sector Edit
Silent Service3913Sector Edit
Silent Service465Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #39, page 13
Silent Service5119Sector EditSoftkey "Silent Service" in issue #50, page 30
Silent Service (IIgs)5236Sector Edit
Silent Service (IIgs)5615Sector Edit
Silent Service (Under "Dan Halfwit", last para.)6036Disk + Bit CopyBit Copy program that can copy quarter tracks
Silent Service (Update)456DOS PatchIssue #50, page 15, column 3 at Core Apple LogoDemuffin Plus
Simulation Construction Kit5927Copya Alt/Sector Edit
Skate or Die (IIgs)6326Sector Edit
Skate or Die (IIgs)6437Sector Edit
Ski Crazed5727Sector Edit
Skyfox3913Cntrlr + Sector EditUse "Skyfox" (#17/pg 7) or "Archon" (#21/pg 10) cntrlr
Skylab5023-24Cntrlr + Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Smart Eyes5810Disk CopyAdvanced Copya, issue #54, page 27 near bottom 1st col
Smart Eyes6116Binary Patch
Snake Byte75-6Binary Patch
Sneakers36Hardware Copy/Bin.PtchIssue #4, page 32Snapshot Copy Card
Snoggle459Bootcode Trace+Hexdump
Snooper Troops5235-36Controller
Snooper Troops I & II135File Copy
Snooper Troops I & II137Controller
Snoopy to the Rescue5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Snoopy to the Rescue5625DOS Patch+Sector Edit
Snoopy to the Rescue5927File Copy
Snoopy Writer5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Snoopy's Reading Machine5417DOS Patch & File Copy
Snoopy's Reading Machine5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Snoopy's Reading Machine5625DOS Patch+Sector Edit
Snoopy's Reading Machine5927File Copy
Snoopy's Skywriter Scrambler5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Snoopy's Skywriter Scrambler5625DOS Patch+Sector Edit
Snoopy's Skywriter Scrambler5927File Copy
Social Studies Vol. 1 & 26034Copya Modification
Softporn Adventure116File Copy+Hello PatchMuffin
Softswitch5724Bin.Patch or Sctr.Edit
Softswitch (Partial) (IIgs)619Sector Edit
Solo Flight6036Sector Edit
Sons of Liberty5327Basic Pgrm Mod.
Sorcerer5135DOS Patch+Sector Edit
Sorcerer639Copya alt/Sector Edit
Sound Tracks5023-24Cntrlr + Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Space Adventure294Bit Copy
Space Eggs6325-26Boot Code TraceApple IIe with extended 80 column card
Space Quest (IIgs)609-10Sector Edit
Space Quest I5634Sector Edit
Space Quest II (IIgs)6226Sector Edits
Space Quest V2.2 (IIgs)5316Sector Edit
Space Quest V2.2 (IIgs) (Fix)5936Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #53, page 16
Space Shuttle309-10Sector Edit
Space Station4731Copya Patch
Space Station5634Controller
Speed Reader II3928-29Cntrlr + Pgrm Patches
Speedway Math5023-24Cntrlr + Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Spell Handler5026-28Controller
Spell It!206Bit CopyEDD III
Spell It!438Hardware CopySenior Prom
Spell It!5812-13Controller/Sector Edit
Spell It!5925-26Cntrlr/BasMod/SctrEditController "Speed Reader II" in issue #39, page 28-29
Spellikazam184-5Sector Edit
Spelling and Reading Primer2813DOS Patch + File Copy
Spelling Bee2813DOS Patch + File CopySector Edit to recover track 2 to fit all files on disk
Spelling Demons5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Spellworks 1.5374Binary Pgrm Edit
Spellworks 1.6464Binary File Patch
Spellworks/Mailmerge3423-25File Copy + Patch
Spiderbot6134Copya Alt./Sector Edit
Spindizzy4821Sector Edit
Spindizzy4828-29Binary Patch
Spindizzy5017Sector Edits
Spindizzy5012-14Binary Patch
Spinnaker prgms (column 2, 1st para.)6116Sector Edit"Storymaker" softkey, issue #22, page 4
Springboard Publisher6010Sector EditIssue #63, page 14 under "Joseph P. Karwoski"
Spy Hunter5632Controller
Spy Strikes Back86Btcde Trace+Hello pgrm
Spy Vs Spy3026Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Spy Vs Spy I & II5120Sector Edit
Spy Vs Spy I & II5135Sector Edit
Spy vs Spy III6022-23Copya Mod./Sector Edit
Spy's Adventures in Europe5427DOS Patch
Spy's Adventures in Europe5635Sector Edit
Spy's Adventures in North America5216Controller
Spy's Adventures in North America5635Sector Edit
Spy's Demise257Bootcode Trace+Hexdump
Spy's Demise5435File Copy/Binary Patch
Spy's Demise (Update)57Bit CopyLocksmith 4.1 and Nibbles Away II
Squire254Basic Patch+File Copy
SSI's Non-RDOS programs1827-29Hex Dump+Basic Pgrm
SSI's RDOS (Fix)216Hex DumpSoftkey for "Lion's Share" in issue #12, page 14
SSI's RDOS (Update)425-6DOS PatchSoftkey for same in issue #30, page 21
SSI's RDOS programs385Sector Edit
Standing Stones176Sector Edit
Star Blazer4624-25Bootcode Trace+Hexdump
Star Fleet I v2.16037Binary File Patch
Star Maze6419Copya Alt/Sector Edit
Star Trek: Kobayashi Alternative 1.1405Sector Edit
Starcross520/25Cntrlr+Sector Edit
Starcross639Copya alt/Sector Edit
Stargate5134Sector Edit + Copya
Starglider6417Sector Edit
Stats +197Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Stellar 7 (Partial)5136Sector EditSoftkey for "The Quest" issue #41/pg 9 works partially
Stellar Defense256Basic Pgrm Mod.
Stephen King's: The Mist5631DOS Patch+Sector Edit
Stephen King's: The Mist5636-37DOS Patch+Sector Edit
Stickers6317-19Copya Ptch+Alt/SctrEdt
Stickybear (Tip)135Sector Edit
Stickybear ABC's5117Sector Edit + PokeSoftkeys in issue #26/pg 28 and #17/pg 5
Stickybear Basketbounce185-6Copya Mod+Sector EditSoftkey for "Stickybear Series" issue #15, page 10
Stickybear Bop1510Sector Edit+Sctr Copy
Stickybear Bop (Update)185-6Copya Mod+Sector EditSoftkey for "Stickybear Series" issue #15, page 10
Stickybear Drawing5117Sector Edit + PokeSoftkeys in issue #26/pg 28 and #17/pg 5
Stickybear Numbers185-6Copya Mod+Sector EditSoftkey for "Stickybear Series" issue #15, page 10
Stickybear Numbers5117Sector Edit + PokeSoftkeys in issue #26/pg 28 and #17/pg 5
Stickybear Numbers & Shapes (More Stickybears)2628DOS Patch+Sector EditIssue 56, page 4 and issue 29, page 9
Stickybear Opposites1510Sector Edit+Sctr Copy
Stickybear Opposites (More Stickybears)2628DOS Patch+Sector EditIssue 56, page 4 and issue 29, page 9
Stickybear Printer4722Bin.Patch+Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #15, page 10
Stickybear Printer5117Sector Edit + PokeSoftkeys in issue #26/pg 28 and #17/pg 5
Stickybear Printer Lib. I & II5117Sector Edit + PokeSoftkeys in issue #26/pg 28 and #17/pg 5
Stickybear Reading Comprehension5927Copya Alt.
Stickybear Series1510-12Sector Edit
Stickybear Series (More Stickybears)2628DOS Patch+Sector EditIssue 56, page 4 and issue 29, page 9
Stickybear Series (Update)175Binary PatchSoftkey for same in issue #15, page 10
Stickybear Shapes185-6Copya Mod+Sector EditSoftkey for "Stickybear Series" issue #15, page 10
Stickybear Townbuilder5117Sector Edit + PokeSoftkeys in issue #26/pg 28 and #17/pg 5
Stock Market Simulation5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Story Book - Pixelworks5326File Copy
Story Builder5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Story Maker248Sector Edit
Story Maker425File Copy+Basic Pgrm
Story Maker568-9DOS Patch/Disk Copy
Story Maker (64K & 128K)417Sector Edit
Story Starter5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Story Tree378Sector Edit
Story Tree5325-26RWTS+Basic Pgrm Mod.Demuffin Plus
Story Writer6419FID Alt/File Copy
Storymaker (actually Story Machine)224Sector Edit
Strategic Simulations Inc (SSI) RDOS disks3021-23Btcode Trace+Hex Dump3.2 Dos
Strategic Simulations Inc (SSI) RDOS disks5223-28Hex Dump + Basic Pgrm
Strategies for Test Taking6330Copya Alt/Sector Edit
Street Sports Baseball5036Sector Edits
Street Sports Baseball5040Sector Edits
Street Sports Basketball5625DOS Patch+Sector Edit
Street Sports Soccer (IIgs)6227Sector Edits
Strip Poker4210DOS Patch
Strip Poker4923DOS Patch
Studio II5523Hello Ptch & Hex Dump
Sub Battle Simulator5619Sector EditMay need softkey "California Games" issue 50, page 19
Sub Mission5039Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Sub Mission5728Copya Patch/Sctr Edit
Subtraction Puzzles5310-11RWTS
Suicide126-7Binary File
Summer Games218Controller
Summer Games II3323Sector Edit
Sunburst's Science Series software416RWTS
Sundog 2.03314-15Controller
Super Boulder Dash455Sector EditSoftkey for "Boulder Dash I & II" in issue #38, page 24
Super Boulder Dash5026Sector Edits
Super Boulder Dash5116Sector Edits
Super Boulder Dash598-9Sector Edit
Super Boulder Dash (Fix)5429Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #50, page 26
Super Bunny4918-19RWTS
Super Controller1712Controller
Super Huey539File Copy+Basic Pgrm
Super Huey5313Disk Copy Incl Trk$23
Super Huey5322Basic Pgrm Mod.
Super Print!5216File Copy
Super Sign Maker6412Sector Edit
Super Sunday Football4925Controller
Super Sunday Football5427-28RWTS & Hello Pgrm
Super Sunday Football5625RWTSIssue #60, page 4
Super Wordfind5326File Copy
Super Zaxxon267Controller
Swap 3.2 DOS to 3.3 (3rd col., 2nd para.)6011ControllerUser input DOS mods. and 13 sector RWTS file
Sword of Kadash2716-17Controller
Swordthrust Series4212Sector Edit
Swordthrust Series (FastDOS Update)4734Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #42, page 12
Swordthrust Series (Update)4922Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #42, page 12
Synergistic software3122Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Synonyms and Antonyms3223RWTSUse "Hartley Software (B)" cntrlr on SIOB or #32/pg 23
Tactical Armored Command (TAC)238RWTS
Take 12514-15Sector Edit
Take 13214-15Sector Edit
Take 13714Sector Edit
Take 1435Sector Edit
Take 1 Deluxe6310Sector Edit
Tales from the Arabian Nights (IIgs)6111Sector Edit
Tales of Fantasy Series6022Copya Mod./Sector Edit
Talisman5412ControllerController for "Sword Of Kadash" in issue #27, page 16
Tapper6016-17DOS Patch/Sector Edit
Tarturian4127ControllerUse "Hartley Software (B)" controller issue #32, page 23
Tass Times in Tonetown5037Sector Edits
Tass Times in Tonetown5222-23Binary Patch
Tass Times in Tonetown5322Sector Edit
Tawala's Last Redoubt3228RWTS
Tax Accountant, The5745File Copy + Sctr EditDeMuffin
Tax Advantage96File Copy
Telarium software369-10Binary Patch
Teleporter4824Sector Edit
Tellstar138File CopyMuffin
Tellstar II5427RWTS
Temple of Apshai324File CopyDemuffin Plus
Temple of Apshai Trilogy437RWTS
Temple of Apshai Trilogy4837Copya + Patch
Temple of Apshai Trilogy (Fix)5135Bit CopyCopy II+ 7.4 and softkey for same in issue #48, page 37
Term Paper Writer4933Sector Edit
Terrapin Logo3412RWTS
Terrapin Logo 1.2305RWTSSoftkey is titled "Potpourri"
Test Maker5534-35Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Tetris6222-23Controller/Sector EditFast Controller
Tetris (IIgs)6227Sector Edits
The Frog & the Fables6022Copya Mod./Sector Edit
Theseus and the Minotaur429-30Controller
Thexder (IIgs)5019-20Sector Edit512K
Thexder (IIgs)5113Sector Edit
Thexder (IIgs)6227Sector Edits
Thief3324-25Binary File Patches
Thief4919Hex DumpSoftkey for "Thief" issue #33, page 24
Think Fast439Sector Edit
Think Quick5214Sector Edit
Think Quick 1.0558Sector Edit
Thinkware6116Sector Edit
Those Amazing Reading Machines III & IV5323-24Sector Edit
Threshold2910-11RWTS + Sector Edit13 Sector DOS RWTS as binary file
Tic Tac Show (Bootcode Trace softkey)1523-25Bootcode TraceIssue 17, page 24
Time Capsule/Reading Skills5726Copya Alt/File Copy
Time is Money127-8Sector Edit
Time is Money 1.0 F287Controller
Time Zone317Cntrlr + Sector EditIssue 36, page 6
Time Zone (Fix)64Copya + Nibble Copy
Time Zone (Fix)444Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #31, page 7
Time Zone 1.1924-25Sector Edit
Timeliner6228Sector Edits
Timothy Leary's Mind Mirror5312Sector Edit
Tink's Subtraction Fair6121Copya Alt./Sector Edit
To Preserve, Protect, and Defend5324Sector Edit
Tomahawk5132-33Sector Edit
Tonk! In the Land of Buddy-Bots3312-13Cntrlr + Sector EditUse controller "Tink Tonk" in same issue & page
Top Draw (IIgs)4821Sector Edit
Top Draw V1.01A (IIgs)5423Sector Edit
Top Fuel Eliminator5039Sector Edits
Top Fuel Eliminator (IIe or IIgs)4933Sector Edit
Tournament Bridge5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Tower of Myraglen (IIgs)5319Sector Edit
Tower of Myraglen (IIgs)6121Sector Edit
Toy Shop6229Bit Copy/Sector Edit
Trains6234Copya Alt.
Transend II405Binary File Patch
Translyvania4837ControllerIssue 49, page 4
Transylvania134Copya or File CopyMay need additional fixes
Transylvania1314ControllerUse "Penguin software" controller in same issue & page
Transylvania (enhanced edition)6326Sector Edit
Treasure Hunt6229FID & Hello Alts.
Treasure Island297RWTS
Treasure Island436ControllerSoftkey/cntrlr "Alice in Wonderland" issue #35, page 8
Trivia Fever3110-11Sector Edit
Troll (Associates Micro) Courseware6036DOS Patch / Copya
Troll (Associates) Micro Courseware5322-23ControllerController for "Dragonworld" in issue #30, page 28
Troll Associates Programs437-8File Copy
Troll's Shop Right6417Controller
Troll's Tale367Controller
Trouble in Space437-8File Copy
Tubeway (Cracking on the IIe)5816Binary File CaptureExtended 80col card in IIe
Tuesday Morning Quarterback5723-24File Capture/File CopyAbility to RESET into the monitor and/or a RAMcard
Turtle Tracks4727DOS Patch
Tutorial Comprehension (Series)5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Twerps2129-30Bootcode Trace+Hexdump
Tycoon317Sector Edit
Type Attack128Bit Copy + Sector EditIssue 13, page 8
Type!567Sector Edit
Type!6022Copya Mod./Sector Edit
Typewriter5715Sector Edit
Typing is a Ball, Charlie Brown5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Typing! (Partial Softkey)4928RWTS
Ultima I4822Controller
Ultima I5210-11Controller
Ultima I5217-18File Copy
Ultima I (Some Tips for...)126Basic Pgrm AlterationArticle "Let's Map Ultima" in issue HCU3.2, page 13
Ultima II428Sector Edit
Ultima II412-13Binary Patch
Ultima III1127-28Bootcode Trace+Cntrlr
Ultima III (Update)436RWTS + Sector EditSoftkey/controller "Ultima III" in issue #11, page 27
Ultima III: Exodus (Update)145Binary PatchSoftkey for same in issue #11, page 27
Ultima IV2810-11Hello Pgrm+Bin.PatchIssue 32, page 6
Ultima V6021RWTSIssue #64, page 21 under "Ronald Mundell"
Ultima V6137Cntrlr + Hex Dump
Ultima V6217DOS Patch
Ultima V6235Copya Ptch/Sector Edit
Ultima V6418RWTS
Ultraterm Apple Writer Preboot-V6213-14Controller + Hello PgmVidex Ultraterm or Videoterm 80 column card
Ulysses and the Golden Fleece325Sector Edit
Un Repas Francais5629Sector Edit
Under Fire3711RWTS+Binary PatchDemuffin Plus
Under Fire (Partial)5524RWTSSoftkey for same in issue #37, page 11
Up-N-Down4920Sector Edit
Uptown Trivia2927File Copy
USA Profile6228-29Copya Ptch/Sector Edit
Vegas Craps (IIgs)6226-27Sector Edits
Vegas Gambler (IIgs)6224Sector Edits
Verbs3223RWTSUse "Hartley software (B)" controller in same issue & pg
Video Vegas374Sector EditUse softkey for "Take 1" in issue #25, page 14
Video Vegas467Sector Edit
Videx 80col Pre-Boot for Apple Writer II305File CopyDemuffin Plus
Videx 80col Pre-Boot for Visicalc305File CopyDemuffin Plus
Videx Pre-Boot disks712-13RWTSInteger card and FID
View to a Kill, A2822Controller
View to a Kill, A509-10Sector Edit + Copya
View to a Kill, A5631DOS Patch+Sector Edit
Visible Computer: 6502926-27RWTS + Pgrm Mods.
Visiblend115Bit CopyNibbles Away II
Visidex97File Copy
Visidex 1.1E3010File Copy
Visifile59Sector Edit
Visifile67Sector Edit
Visiplot16Basic Pgrm Edit
Visiplot36Basic pgrm alteration
Visiterm98Sector Edit
Visiterm (Tip)135Bit Copy
Visitrend16Basic Pgrm Edit
Visitrend36Basic pgrm alteration
Vocabulary Adventure I5413Controller
Vocabulary Baseball6330Copya Alt/Sector Edit
Vocabulary Skills314Copya Patch
Voodoo Island434-5Sector Edit
Voodoo Island5631DOS Patch+Sector Edit
Voyage of the Mimi6116Copya Patch
Wagons West (Partial)6023RWTS"American People" softkey, issue #56, page 8
Walt Disney's Card & Party Shop5018Sector Edits
Walt Disney's Card & Party Shop5033-34File Copy or Cntrlr
Walt Disney's Card & Party Shop5128Patched FID+Basic PgrmUse "Walt Dis. Cartoon Maker" softkey same page & issue
Walt Disney's Cartoon Maker5128Patched FID+Basic Pgrm
Walt Disney's Comic Strip Maker5018Sector Edits
Walt Disney's Comic Strip Maker (Partial)5237File CopySoftkey for "Walt Disney's Card & Party Shop" #51/pg 28
Wavy Navy4520Bootcode Trace
Wayout204Bit CopyNibbles Away IIB
Webster: The Word Game5330Disk Copy
Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego?5636DOS Patch/File Copy
Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego?5729Copya Alt/File Copy
Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego?5219Sector Edit
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?2525Hex Dump+BootcodetraceModified F8 ROM articles in issue #19, pages 9 & 18
Where in/USA is Carmen Sandiego?6425Bit Copy/Sector EditCopy II+
Where in/World/Carmen Sandiego? (Update)336Hex Dump+BootcodetraceSoftkey for same in issue #25, page 25
Where/Europe/Carm./Sandiego (Convert to 3.5")6133-34Binary Ptch/File CopyBroken copy of same
Widespread274Sector Edit
Willy Byte4931-32Sector Edit
Wings of Fury5137Sector Edits (Table 1)Softkey for "Bank St. Writer III" in issue #47, page 36
Wings of Fury587-8Bit Copy + Sector EditCopy II + or equivilent
Wings of Fury627Bit Copy + Sector EditCopy II+ 6.0 or later
Winnie the Pooh428Binary Patch
Winnie the Pooh5621Sector Edit
Winter Games299Sector Edit
Winter Games569DOS Patch+Sector Edit
Winter Games (IIgs)5423-24Sector Edit
Winter Games (IIgs)5630Sector Edit
Winter Games (Update)4111Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue #29, page 9
Witness415Sector Edit
Wizard of Oz297RWTS
Wizard of Words316DOS Patch+Sector EditCheck softkey "Microzine 7-9" issue #27, page 12
Wizard's Crown4211-12Controller
Wizard's Crown5435DOS Patch
Wizardry (Update)57Bit CopyNibbles Away II
Wizardry I37/13Bit CopyLocksmith 4.1 and drive speed adjustment ability
Wizardry I & II2027-28Bootcode Trace
Wizardry I & II268Hex DumpSoftkey for same in issue #20, page 27
Wizardry I & II429Sector Edit
Wizardry III: Legacy of Llylgamyn429Sector Edit
Wizardry III: Legacy of Llylgamyn810Sector EditIssue 9, page 18
Wonderquest2413Sector Edit
Word Attack2814-15RWTS
Word Attack4613Controller
Word Blaster5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Word Challenge2528-29RWTS + Hex Dump
Word Count5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Word Handler (ALS Version)468Sector Edit
Word Handler (ALS Version)5026-28Controller
Word Juggler194Sector Edit
Word Juggler3310-11Binary File Copy+Patch
Word Juggler 2.9 (Partial)628-9Binary Ptch/Sectr EditSoftkey for same in issue #33, page 10-11
Word Master6330Copya Alt/Sector Edit
Word Maze5118Controller
Word Mount5521-22DOS Patch & Copya
Word Munchers5023-24Cntrlr + Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Word Munchers 1.35323-24Sector EditIssue 54, page 4
Words at Work5023-24Cntrlr + Sector Edit
Words at Work - Compound It5323-24Sector Edit
Words at Work - Suffix Sense5323-24Sector Edit
Wordzzzearch5621Disk CopyAny copier that ignores errors on track 14
World Games5213Sector Edit
World Games5216File Copy
World Games5312Sector Edit
World Games (IIgs)5317Sector Edit
World Games (IIgs)5630Sector Edit
World Karate Championship5014Sector Edit
World Karate Championship5335Controller
World's Greatest Baseball Game338-9Controller
World's Greatest Baseball Game4825Sector Edit
World's Greatest Baseball Game5134Sector Edit+Hello Pgrm
World's Greatest Baseball Game5311Sector Edit
World's Greatest Football Game338-9Controller
Wortgefecht (German Vocabulary disk)5725Bin.Patch + File Copy
Writer Rabbit4728-29Sector Edit
Writer Rabbit5330Cntrlr or Sector EditTry "Reader Rabbit" softkeys in #53/pg 22 or #49/pg 33
Writer's Choice Elite (IIgs)5023Sector Edit
Writer's Choice Elite V1.0 (IIgs)4915Sector Edit
Writing A Character Sketch4834Controller
Writing A Character Sketch4921Controller
Writing A Narative4834Controller
Writing A Narative4921Controller
Xevious5736Copya Patch/File Copy
Xevious617Disk or File Copy
Xyphus2414-15ControllerIssue 27, page 6
Xyphus (Fix)425ControllerSoftkey/controller for same in issue #24, page 14
Your Personal Net Worth305Bootcode TraceUse "Mastertype" softkeys in issues #15/pg 8 & #18/pg 6
Your Personal Net Worth 1.15531-32Trk/File Copy+SctreditCopy II+ 5.0 up
Zani Golf6326Sector Edit
Zany Golf (IIgs)6436Sector Edit
Zardax3124-27Hex Dump+Binary Patch
Zaxxon78-11Sector Edit
Zaxxon418Sector Edit
Zaxxon (128K)269Sector Edit
Zaxxon (Fix)105Sector EditSoftkey for same in issue Vol 3, #3 (Issue #7), Page 8
Zero-Gravity Pinball5435Muffin Patch/File Copy
Zoom Graphix129-10File Copy+Basic Pgrm
Zoom Graphix (Update)365DOS PatchSoftkey for same in issue #12, page 9
Zork I, II, & III15Sector Edit
Zork II & III639Copya alt/Sector Edit
Zorro6018Controller/Sector Edit"Goonies & Zorro" softkey in issue #44, page 22-23
Zoyon Patrol5323-24Sector Edit