From 1981 through to the present, Hardcore Computist (now known simply as Computist Magazine) provided the means for Apple II users to remove protection from programs to allow the users to make a legitimate backup copy. The magazine has enjoyed a good measure of success; however, early issues were published in small numbers and are hard to find. In 1999, Michael Maginnis (also known as "Celt") began the painstaking process of digitizing issues of Computist to save them. The results of his work are below. I have taken his collection and made it look "prettier" and given it a thumbnail-menu interface, but the work, the accompanying text, and the enormous amount of energy given to this project are all Michael's. In 2004, another kind soul named Jean Pierre offered to digitize from his collection, and issues he has done are marked as such. Please note that this collection is not complete and there are missing pages and issues.

Michael Mahon has sent along an index to the first 64 issues of Hardcore Computist, which provides an alphabetical listing of the softkeys from these issues. The Shrinkit File Archive of the Original Appleworks Database is here. Also available is a Tab-Delimited Textfile (93k) and a somewhat sketchy HTML Table.

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